How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy for Business Growth

Twitter had a tumultuous past few months (and years), especially after being purchased by Elon Musk. Apart from changing some of its vital features, Twitter also changed its name and became X. However, for the sake of convenience, in this article, we will keep calling it Twitter.

Even though millions of Twitter users prefer to stay anonymous, many use Twitter as a marketing tool. Company and personal brands can thrive on this platform, especially those who know how to use Twitter marketing opportunities properly.

If your goal is to grow your business, and you want to try marketing on Twitter, you will need to do it strategically.

We have some tips to help you market your brand to your Twitter followers. Keep reading to learn more!

Can Twitter Really Help Your Business Growth?

First of all, before we delve deeper into Twitter marketing activities, let’s first see whether they can really make any difference in your branding and marketing efforts.

➥ Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, can connect you and your brand to thousands and millions of other Twitter users.

  • ✔️ Brand’s visibility. With a smart Twitter marketing campaign, you can increase your brand’s visibility. With over 500 million users, Twitter is a perfect place to advertise your brand, products, and services. Even if your brand becomes noticed by only a tiny fraction of those 500 million users, it will still be enough for your brand to become popular.
  • ✔️ Interaction with the target audience. Twitter also allows brands to engage with their target audience more directly and organically. People prefer brands that nurture more personal relationships with their buyers, and Twitter is a perfect way to do so.
  • ✔️ Viral content. On Twitter, certain posts or hashtags can go viral, which can further increase the visibility and outreach of a certain brand. Brands on Twitter also have the opportunity to target specific audiences, which means their marketing efforts will be more relevant and focused.
  • ✔️ Networking. Finally, this social media platform is perfect for networking, which is just as important as expanding the customer base. Through networking, brands and individuals can connect with potential business partners, investors, and other people who can help them grow their businesses.

Of course, there are many benefits of using Twitter as a marketing tool, but the ones we have listed here are enough to prove that Twitter can be a powerful ally in growing your business.

Different Types of Twitter Marketing Strategies

To help you create an engaging strategy, Twitter has several features that focus on marketing.

  • 🔹 First of all, if you want to meet your Twitter marketing objectives, you can always focus on creating high-quality and engaging content that will attract more followers, who will transform into buyers over time.
  • 🔹 Another way to reach your Twitter marketing goals is to collaborate with influencers who will promote your product or service.
  • 🔹 Or you can pay for Twitter Ads that will advertise your brand through promoted tweets.
  • 🔹 You can also use Twitter to host live events, seasonal campaigns, and product launches, provide support to your customers, and inspire them to create content related to your brand.

➥ The possibilities are endless, and you don’t have to limit yourself and choose only one type of Twitter marketing strategy.

Depending on your goals, you can develop your Twitter growth strategy to rely on all the abovementioned options: content creation, promoted tweets, influencer collaborations, and many more.

Create a Top-Notch Twitter Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing on Twitter doesn’t have to be overly complex. You can easily develop your Twitter content strategy and marketing campaign by simply following our guide below.

Step 1 ⭐️ — Understand Your Goals

Before you can create an effective Twitter marketing strategy, you need to understand what you want to achieve.

  • ✔️ What are your goals behind creating a Twitter profile as your social media strategy?
  • ✔️ Do you want to sell more products or simply to make your brand more known?
    This should determine your Twitter strategy for business growth.
  • ✔️ Do you have an already existing Twitter account, or do you want to start from zero with a new account?
    If you already have an account, you can see what worked for you and then try to emulate it while improving it.

With a new account, you will need to start from scratch. However, if you know what your end goal is, that shouldn’t be an issue. Simply adapt your content to your goals.

➥ For example, if your goal is to establish a close relationship with your followers and potential customers, focus on writing engaging tweets. Start competitions in which you reward the winners. Ask your followers for their opinions on your products and services.

Step 2 ⭐️ — Know Your Audience

Apart from knowing your goals, you also need to know your target audience. Who is the Twitter audience you are trying to appeal to? Are you trying to appeal to Gen Z, Millenials, Gen X, or all age groups? Is your target audience mainly female, male, or any gender?

Having your audience clearly defined will show you the best direction for your content. You will know what type of content you should create and what value that content should promote and provide to your followers.

➥ For example, let’s say your brand specializes in selling organic baby food. Your target group is new parents, and your content should be interesting to them. People without children will not be interested in your brand, nor will people with older and grown-up children.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t promote your product to anyone else. You should still promote your product to everyone in order to increase brand awareness, but keep your focus on your target group.

Step 3 ⭐️ — Grow Your Follower List

If you just started to grow your audience, you probably know how hard it is to gain those first followers. When a Twitter user sees your completely new profile with only a few followers, they are less likely to follow you.

However, if they see that your account is already gaining some traction and a decently sized following, they will want to see what the fuss is all about. As a result, they will be more inclined to follow you. In other words, it is a catch-22: to get followers, you need to have followers.

You can either work hard to get a large following, or you can do it the smart way.

➥ Visit FollowersOn website, where you can buy packages of 100-20000 Twitter followers for a reasonable price. This is a completely legitimate way to get that initial boost to your follower list.

The purchased followers will be gradually added to your profile, making them look completely authentic. They will stay on your follower list forever, so you don’t have to worry about your numbers dropping after a while.

➥ We suggest that you start with smaller packages at first because it would look too suspicious that you would get 20,000 followers practically overnight.

After all, you don’t need a larger following just for the sake of it. You still need your followers to be genuinely interested in your brand.

➥ To achieve that, buy smaller packages at first. With every bought package, you will notice an increase in real followers.

When you notice that you don’t get many new followers, buy another package, and you will again experience the increase in new real followers. Rinse and repeat. Move on to larger packages as your account grows.

Step 4 ⭐️ — Analyze Your Competitors

Twitter for business marketing can become highly competitive. In order to learn how to market on Twitter, you will need to see your competitors. Visit their Twitter accounts and observe their Twitter feed. What kind of content is working for them, and what’s not so successful?

Which Twitter hashtags are they using? Are they making any mistakes you’d like to avoid? This doesn’t mean that you should copy the marketing strategy of your competitors, but you can learn a lot from it. Then, use what you learned to create a unique marketing campaign that will suit your brand perfectly.

Step 5 ⭐️ — Establish Your Brand Voice

Just because you have a Twitter business profile for your brand doesn’t mean that it should be bland and generic.

➤ Quite the contrary! Your brand should have its own voice in order to become established among other brands.

But what does it mean to establish a brand voice, and how do you do it on Twitter? To put it simply, a brand voice is a certain personality that your brand takes to present itself to the world. Some brand voices are professional, others are humorous, while other brand voices exude friendliness.

There are many other options, and your brand voice can be a mixture between them.

➤ However, it is important that your brand voice remains consistent so that your brand becomes recognizable and reliable in the eyes of customers.

To achieve that, use a language and tone that’s appropriate for your brand voice. Use the same language in your tweets, comments, and Twitter bio. Still, don’t forget to be authentic and genuine. Don’t force slang or some expressions where they don’t belong.

Step 6 ⭐️ — Come Up With the Content Strategy

A good content strategy isn’t just about writing good tweets, but this part is really important. Your tweets should address the needs of your target demographics. They should be engaging and show that you are open to questions and suggestions.

You can also research Twitter trends and popular hashtags. While you shouldn’t blindly follow these trending hashtags, you can implement them into your posts every now and then. ➥ Unless you really want to align your brand with certain ideologies, stay away from controversial and political topics.

Consistency is another key to success. Don’t spam your followers with dozens of meaningless tweets every day, but post frequently, at least 3-4 times per week. To optimize the process, you can schedule tweets in advance. SocialPilot is a highly popular website that allows you to schedule your tweets and develop your content strategy.

Step 7 ⭐️ — Increase Your Engagement

As more Twitter users start to follow you and your content, they will often interact with your tweets. Respond to their comments, ask them questions, and show that you appreciate their feedback, even when it is negative.

➤ Use polls to “check the pulse” of your followers.

Respond to DMs. Try to be as friendly and helpful as possible. Show your followers that you care about them, and try to have fun and stay authentic and genuine. Your followers will sense it and feel more motivated to engage with your content.

Step 8 ⭐️ — Advertise Your Brand

Don’t forget about the Twitter Ads feature. Once you start growing your follower base and creating good content, this feature can further boost your profile and make it more visible to a wider audience. These ads can be customized to fit your brand’s needs and goals.

Additionally, you can team up with influencers who can promote your brand. Make sure to choose the influencers who are relevant to your brand and who match your brand’s voice and ideology.

Step 9 ⭐️ — Monitor Your Marketing Efforts

Finally, you need to track and monitor your marketing efforts. Use Twitter Analytics to figure out which parts of your marketing strategy were successful and which weren’t. Adjust your marketing strategy and observe the results.

➤ Keep trying out different methods and strategies, and observe what works the best. Even when you find a perfect strategy for your brand, keep monitoring the analytics.


In this article, we brought you some Twitter marketing tips to grow your business. A successful Twitter marketing strategy can propel your business and help you build a large base of loyal customers. There are several aspects of Twitter marketing you should pay attention to.

One of those aspects is growing your following. You can do it by identifying your brand’s goals and target demographic, creating your brand voice, and posting good content. Sites such as FollowersOn and SocialPilot can help you do it more effectively. Visit them today and discover how they can help you!