How to Boost Instagram Growth in 2022

​Nothing can bring your business to the next level quite like social media, and especially Instagram. With more than one billion active users, this social network focused on visual content, can have a huge impact on the organic traffic to your website and, consequently, on your sales.

This is why in recent years, Instagram has become one of the most effective and popular digital marketing tools, providing brands around the world with the perfect channel through which they can build a strong and meaningful relationship and customer loyalty.

But as much as you think you understand social media, or how Instagram in particular works, it takes a lot of effort and dedication to have a successful business account. Here are some basic tips on what you can do to boost your account’s growth in 2022.

Find the Appropriate Instagram Tools

When it comes to Instagram growth, most users think about increasing the number of followers. But, while how many people follow you is important, other metrics, such as engagement rate, traffic, saves, conversion rate or sales are the true indicators of your account’s success. This is why using tools that claim to be able to boost your growth fast like Kicksta isn’t the best strategy. Using bots, buying followers and fake engagement can ruin your reputation and even cost you your account.

So, the right approach is to find a way to reach more followers organically. The more quality followers you attract to your account, the higher your engagement rate will be. To achieve this, you can use tools focused on targeting the right Instagram users, or even better, an agency with a team that will help you create a winning strategy.

Focus on Boosting Engagement

Visual content is the heart of Instagram. And while the platform started as a simple photo-sharing app, today it’s the number one place where people share different visual formats. This is what makes it perfect for businesses because visuals are the most effective at leaving a real imprint in people’s minds, which means that it’s ideal for increasing brand awareness.

The content you share should be meaningful, educative, inspiring, and entertaining. Consumers today want a direct, personal connection with brands. Use your content to show what you stand for, present your team, your company’s story, rather than simply promoting your products and services. To boost your engagement, analyze how well your audience responds to your content, when is the best time to post, create a calendar, post stories, reels, live stream, etc.

You can also regularly post content on particular subjects, ask for feedback, organize contests, create challenges, offer gifts, rewards and discounts, and so on. Interact with your followers, respond to their comments, even to the negative ones. Plus, make sure that you create shareworthy content. Follow the current trends, and post relevant quotes, memes, and other on-trend formats. To get more ideas you can also look at what your competition is doing and how they are handling their accounts.


Promote Your Account on Other Channels

You can also grow your Instagram business account by promoting it on other platforms. Being present across social media is a great strategy, because it gives you the opportunity to reach even more people, and share your content in different formats. Add your Instagram URL in your bio, or about us sections, and if it’s possible connect your accounts. You can also create content for your other platforms, specifically to invite people to look at your Instagram account.

Collaborate With Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing will continue to grow in 2022. Good influencers build communities based on trust, so if they choose to represent your brand, they can convert some of their followers into your customers. The trick is to choose relevant influencers. This means those who target the same or similar audience and share your values.

Make sure that they also have a high engagement rate but also check if it’s real or automated, or in other words that they have quality followers. They should also have a large audience, create quality content, publish frequently, etc.

Make a list of those you think might help you grow your account and your business, and try to establish a communication with them, focusing on making a meaningful connection and a long-term relationship. Furthermore, some Instagram services also collaborate with influencers, helping both them and brands to grow their accounts, by connecting them and initiating collaboration.

In a Nutshell

With a powerful Instagram strategy, based on goals that help you achieve constant and consistent growth, your business account can be your brand’s most important ally. Using these tips, you can attract quality followers, keep them interested, inspire them to interact with you, convert them into customers and build customer loyalty.