How to Beat the Elden Ring Game?

Beat the Elden Ring Game: Elden Ring is perhaps one of the top games this year. Its thrilling storyline and vast world make it tough to beat. Elden Ring has tested the most experienced of players. 

With its dangerous enemies, an intense and tense game experience, and an exciting level of action and excitement, beating Elden Ring appears to be the thing everyone is interested in. You’ve come to the correct location if you’re among the players playing. 

This article will briefly take through Elden Ring’s strategy to show you how you can beat this utterly brutal monster of a game.

How to Beat Elden Ring Main Story Path – Game Order Guide

Limgrave Story Order – How to Beat Elden Ring

The game begins with your Elden Ring adventure in the region of Limgrave. Let’s go through this portion of the story.

  • Start at the Stranded Graveyard.
  • In The Stranded Graveyard, head over to the Church of Elleh.
  • From the Church of Elleh, go to the Gatefront.
  • When you activate after activating the Site of Grace at the Gatefront and logging in, you will be able to engage with Melina in an action sequence.
  • After the interaction, go into The Church of Elleh. In this place, you’ll be greeted by Ranni The Witch. This is when you first meet Torrent Your horse.
  • Go back to the Gatefront at this point continue towards The Castleward Tunnel.
  • In this game, you’ll be facing your first boss battle in the shape of Margit the Fell Omen.
  • If you’ve successfully defeated Margit after beating Margit, head for After beating Margit, go to the Stormveil Castle. Because entering through the main entry point is not possible, you have to get to the castle by climbing the walls of the cliff.
  • Continue until you get to you reach the Secluded Cell.
  • Here, you’ll face and take on Godrick, known as the Grafted.
  • Then, you’ll get another scene featuring Melina.
  • The goddess will appear in The Table of Lost Grace in the next few days.
  • After talking to all NPCs, Return to the spawning location of Godrick The Grafted.

Liurnia & Altus Plateau Story Order – How to Beat Elden Ring

  • From the site, at the site of Godrick, The Grafted go to the south until you reach South Raya Lucaria Gate. South Raya Lucaria Gate.
  • Find a body towards the left, and you will find an outline map that will help you locate your Glintstone Key. The key must unlock the seal that connects you to South Raya Lucaria Gate.
  • Take the key, and then crack the seal. Walk past the door and head towards The Main Academy Gate.
  • Once you arrive, you’re presented with two options. Alternatively, you can either continue on your Main Academy Path or go back to the castle to access the content.
  • If you opt for the latter option, enter the castle clockwise until you arrive at the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. After finishing the boss battle there, exit via the Main Academy Gate.
  • Once you’ve left the gate, walk to the bridge and then towards The Grand Lift of Dectus. By doing this, you can reach Altus Plateau.
  • The lift is a requirement for two pieces from the Dectus Medallion. To acquire the medallions, visit Fort Faroth and Fort Haight in Dragonbarrow and Mistwood and Mistwood, respectively.
  • Once you have done that after that, you should head for then the Altus Highway Junction.
  • From here, head through The Outer Wall Phantom Tree at the east.
  • From here, you can go through The Outer Wall Battleground.
  • Go from here towards the Capital Rampart. Here, you’ll need to confront an opponent.

Leyndell, Royal Capital Story Order – How to Beat Elden Ring

  • Then, go towards then the East Capital Rampart.
  • You can go through The Elden Throne to take on The Omen King Boss. This will allow you to unlock the elevator that leads to and from the Mountaintops of the Giants region.
  • Be sure you open your Leyndell, Capital of Ash portal when you are on your way.
  • Before you reach Elden Throne, you will encounter a boss in The Erdtree Sanctuary.
  • You can go from here, go to the Queen’s Bedchamber.
  • After that, visit Elden Throne.
  • After you defeat the boss After completing the fight, you will be able to use the lift to travel through the Forbidden Lands.

Mountaintops of the Giants

  • After getting through Forbidden Lands, head for Rold’s Grand Lift of Rold.
  • Utilize the medallion provided by Melina to gain access to the lift.
  • The next step is to head north then move clockwise, moving toward Foot of the Forge.
  • From here, you can make your way to engage in a major boss battle.
  • After the boss fight, you can go into The Forge of the Giants. You’ll be treated to a brief cutscene there.
  • After the end of the cutscene, you’ll be transported into Farum Azula.

Farum Azula

  • In Farum Azula In Farum Azula, you’ll encounter the most challenging boss battle of the game. It’s at the Dragon Temple Altar.
  • Finish the entire Farum Azula and defeat any bosses you might encounter.
  • After that, they return and visit Leyndell, Royal Capital.
  • Visit Elden The Throne and take on one of the bosses who will be the final ones here.
  • This is the sign of the end of the game.

That’s pretty much the curtain down on Elden Ring. We’ve attempted to explain the game in the shortest way feasible with this article.

 In light of how massive and inexhaustible Elden Ring is, you will have plenty of content to explore.