Best Dex Build in Elden Ring

Best Dex Build in Elden Ring: Dexterity is among the eight attributes used to combat advanced weapons within Elden Ring. The increase in dex will help reduce the damage from falls and make it harder to fall off the horse. 

It’s focused on speed than offense or defense. You can dodge and dodge opponents more quickly with a high dex ability. Also, you can perform spells and incantations faster. 

Whatever your class of choice, you can build an enhanced dexterity build that will beat your adversaries if you have the right equipment and weapons. 

We have compiled a guide to the most effective Dex build for Elden Ring.

Best Dex Build in Elden Ring

  • In my view, the most effective Dex build that of the Hand of Malenia weapon and the Set of White Reed Armor.
  • It is also possible to add talismans such as the crystal tear of dexterity on the island’s top in the Luirnia of Lakes. It increases your dexterity by +10 for three minutes.
  • You can also include the fragment from Alexander to increase the strength of your attack abilities.
  • You can acquire an item called the Hand of Malenia katana by beating Malenia’s Blade of Miquela, Malenia.
  • Because it will use lots of the Dexterity ( 48) and Strength ( 16) points, you could modify your character to increase the attributes points.
  • To acquire the White Reed armor, you must beat The Bloody Finger Okina in the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Here are some alternatives to items, armor sets, and talismans available to build your personal Dex build.


  • Bloodhound’s Fang
  • Moonveil Katana
  • Uchigatana Katana
  • The Keen sword of Scavenger’s Skavenger
  • Nagakiba


  • Raging Wolf Set
    • Strike damage negation: 25.8
    • Slash damage negation: 29.3
    • Pierce damage negation: 28.1
  • Black Knife Armor set
    • Strike damage negation: 23.4
    • Slash damage negation: 26.8
    • Pierce damage negation: 26.8
  • Briar Set
    • Strike damage negation: 23.2
    • Slash damage negation: 25.3
    • Pierce damage negation: 24.6


  • Millicent’s Prosthesis
  • Radagon’s Scarseal
  • Flask of Wondrous Physick

This is the ultimate Best Dex Build in Elden Ring guide, check out our other guides.