CODM: How To Earn Damage Dealer Medal In 2022?

Call Of Duty Mobile has various medals that you can get. For instance, one of the medals is the Damage Dealer award. 

The procedure for obtaining the various COD Mobile medals differs, which is why so many users are asking how they can earn this Damage Dealer medal in CODM.

 In one of our blog posts, we have already provided the list of all COD Mobile awards and the best way to earn them; however, this article will explain how to get that Damage Dealer Medal most simply.

Without further delay, Let’s get right into the subject.

How To Get Damage Dealer Medal in COD Mobile?

Like the other COD Mobile medals, specific missions or tasks must be completed to be awarded this Damage Dealer medal within the game. 

To unlock this medal during Season 10, players will need to finish this BR Mastermind challenge.

Are you aware of the steps to finish this test? If the answer is no, but you’re determined to have their medal added to your possession, you’ll have to follow the steps below:

  • Start COD Mobile from your phone.
    • Start a game using battle-royale mode.
    • You must deal with 500 injuries in a single match.
    • If you successfully meet the requirements, you’ll be awarded the Damage Dealer medal unlocked in COD Mobile.
    • Visit the Medal section, and put it on.
    • That’s it.
  • All you have to do is be aware of to get that Damage Dealer medal in COD Mobile.