How to Break the Stargazers’ Ruins Seal in Elden Ring

Break the Stargazers’ Ruins Seal in Elden Ring: When you uncover the secrets of Elden Ring, sometimes you’re faced without answers and more inquiries. This is why our guide is here to assist you in finding the Jellyfish puzzle in Stargazers’ Ruins and claim the prize!

Go to the mountains covered in snow in the northern part of Elden’s Map, and you may be amazed by a specific creature that you encounter.

The area, also known as “Mountaintops of the Giants,” is indeed home to a variety of giant NPC’s and the typical rats, skeletons, along with… Spirit-Calling Snails.

However, if you travel north, you’ll be in Stargazer’s Ruins, where you will find The Spectral Jellyfish searching for their long-forgotten sister. The Jellyfish floats in front of a magically shut door.

Here’s how to overcome the spell and go inside!

How to Complete the Jellyfish Puzzle

The answer to this problem is quite simple. If you did enough research on Limgrave during the early morning of Elden Ring game-time, you’re probably able to find the answer to your question in your inventory today!

Since not all have the product they require, let’s do this from the top:

  • Speak to Roderika the Spirit Tuner.
    • The game begins in Stormhill, located in a shack on the right side of the track on the way up the hill. There’s a Site of Grace beside her which makes it difficult to ignore.
    • Or, she can move into the Roundtable Hold and is seated next to the Smithing master Hewg. She is still able to provide you with the item you need.
  • You can claim the Spirit Ash that she hands out. Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.
    • The description states that the Spirit is named: Aurelia.
  • Visit the Stargazers’ Ruins in the northern Mountaintops of the Giants region.
  • Take a look at the Jellyfish in the area of the stairs that lead towards the seal.
    • The summoning icon appears on the left-hand right side.
  • Install Aurelia with the Spirit Jellyfish to summon her and then activate.
  • Two Jellyfish sisters will get together and discuss their lives before disappearing.
    • You Jellyfish Ashes will not be lost. Don’t worry
  • The seal will break, and you will be able to climb the stairs to retrieve the treasures inside the chest!

Stargazers’ Ruins Puzzle Reward – Primal Glintstone Blade

After unlocking the game, you’ll receive the Fancy Spin emote… But what you’re looking for is the treasure chest beneath the ground.

The reward you receive is a magical item, and you should ensure that you’ve got the most competent team with you in Elden Ring to complement it!

The chest contains the talisman, known as The Primal Glintstone Blade. Its capabilities are ideal for sorcerers skill at blocking or evading attacks.

This talisman can lower your HP max while decreasing your FP consumption when using spells.

According to Fextralife, your HP will reduce by 15%, while your consumption of FP will reduce by 25 percent. 

It’s up to you whether or not it’s worth it. Depends on your style of play and the character you’ve built.

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