How To Alter Garments In Elden Ring?

Alter Garments In Elden Ring: The ability to Alter Garments in Elden Ring is useful. Although it isn’t the essential ability to possess when playing, this could help if aesthetics are important to you. 

Additionally, changing your gear can add freshness and style to your game. It can bring slight changes to the stats as well. If changing gear is your type of activity, we’ve got the information you need. 

We will teach you everything you have to accomplish to alter clothing within Elden Ring.

How to Alter Garments in Elden Ring?

To alter clothing within the Elden Ring, you first require Tailoring Tools and Sewing Needle. We will show you the best ways to locate these.

Tailoring Tools & Sewing Needle Location in Elden Ring

To gain access to tools for tailoring and the sewing machine, you’ll first defeat the Demi-Human chief bosses.

We recommend starting by going to the church of Elleh. From there, visit the merchant Kale and purchase a torch which you’ll find extremely useful during your exploration of the Coastland Cave. Then, head towards the Stormfoot Catacombs. Go through the catacombs and then walk towards the shoreline.

On the shores of this area, you’ll find tiny golden footprints. These are from an invisible creature you must hit to gain the Ashes of War. Once you have done that, then move to the south. While moving south, you’ll encounter Demi-Humans who will attack you.

Since the enemies are tiny, defeating them shouldn’t be too difficult. However, as they come in groups, you’ll have to be cautious of attacks coming from various directions.

After you have eliminated Demi-Humans that are a nuisance, continue going south, searching for an entrance to the cave during the process. Once you have reached the Coastal Cave, you need to bring your torch to illuminate the way inside.

Beating the Demi-Human Chiefs at Coastal Caves.

In the Coastal Cave, you will meet the horrifying Demi-Human chiefs. The chiefs are asleep near the entrance. To attract their attention, employ a bow or other throwing device.

If you succeed, you’ll gain the chieftain’s attention and the smaller humanoids. Eliminate them by using a gentle attack that stuns them before proceeding towards the chieftains.

There are two chiefs. To defeat them, you have to deliver swift blows. Start with a massive attack. By doing this, you will be able to gain some power. It is also possible to make use of summons to help you.

When fighting the enemy, make sure to remain close to the doorway. Profit from the dagger attack by counterattacking them before they attack you with their 3rd dagger strike.

Another helpful clue in this battle is the sound of the Demi-Human chief’s roar. The roar signifies its intent to attack you with multiple slashes with the sword. We recommend that you remain in defense of rolling away from these attacks.

Utilize the time between attacks to counter the initial Demi-Human chief’s maneuvers, as you’ll soon see some results during this boss fight. Launching a few powerful attacks will eventually knock go the chief, who was the initial Demi-Human, so you can concentrate on the chief who is coming up.

If you are interested in the second Demi-Human leader, you must be attentive to the related Demi-Human group. If you’ve got ranged damages, this is the perfect time to take advantage of it. With its help, you’ll be able to convince the whole group to move toward you.

In addition, we suggest you use the Glintstone Arc ability to take on the mass of Demi-Humans that are threatening your home.

Because the second Demi-Human utilizes moves like the first, it is recommended not to experiment with anything new. Utilize the same successful techniques on the chieftain before, and you’ll be in good shape.

When you’ve killed both chieftains, you will be able to loot the Tailoring Tools and the Sewing Needle.

Altering Garments in Elden Ring

Visit The Site of Grace of the site of your preference to access the tools you’ve just have gotten. Navigate to the menu and select Change Garments.

When you have done that, you’ll be presented with the possibility of choosing among various options to customize your armor. Naturally, you’ll require Roughly a hundred Runes to change your equipment. To reverse your modifications, it is necessary to invest the exact amount of Runes as well.