How many players are needed in Nobody Saves the World?

Nobody Saves the World, a 2D action RPG by DrinkBox Studios, the same developers behind Guacamelee. 

This is one of those games that many players would prefer to play with a friend.

 It’s possible to do this online, thanks to multiplayer gaming.

 This guide will cover everything you need to know regarding Nobody Saves the World multiplayer. 

It includes how many players it supports and how to join a friend.

How many players are needed to save the world?

It’s offers two-player multiplayer. Unfortunately, this is only available online. It does not offer couch co-op. 

Xbox Live allows you to play the game with one player. Crossplay support is available.

Multiplayer: How to Play Nobody Saves the World

An online Co-Op is an option that allows players to play Nobody Saves the World. 

One of the players will be assigned to the host at this point. Then, the host can create a new game or continue the current one. 

Once the game is running by, press the Y button or F key on the keyboard or mouse. 

This will invite the second person from your friend’s list.

The host’s progress is save in the game files, which is essential to note. 

Online multiplayer in Nobody Saves the World is share by the second player. 

They share all stats, gems, and quest progress. Then, the session ends, and only the host can make progress or host it later.

The multiplayer mode of Nobody Saves the World is more suited for guests who will help the host play the game. 

This is fine if the guest plans only to play the game with the host. 

This is a good idea to have before you start the adventure.

Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC are available