How do you Use Great Runes in Elden Ring?

Use Great Runes: In Elden Ring, each main boss will drop a Great Rune when you defeat them. Each Great Rune dropped by a Boss is unique to that Boss. 

But, what can you do with the Great Runes? That’s what they say, but it doesn’t do anything. 

There are a lot of Great Runes in Elden Ring. In this guide, I’ll show you what to do with them.

What to Do with Great Runes in Elden Ring?

When you defeat the Demigods’ main boss, you will get their Remembrance and Great Rune.

 During the Great Rune, you’ll learn what it can do. Among other things, Godrick’s Great Rune will raise all of the player’s attributes by +1, the Great Rune of the Unborn lets them change their character’s stats, and so on. 

Using Great Runes is a way for people to improve their games. It is different for each Great Rune.

 Great Runes can’t be used right away. To use them, you’ll have to go to their Divine Tower.

How to use a Great Rune

To use a Great Rune, you first have to fix it. Look at a Great Rune, and it will show where you need to go to Heaven. 

Go there, and you can fix it. Afterwards, you can put on the Great Rune and use it whenever you want. 

For the Great Rune to work, you need Rune Arcs. A Rune Arc must be consumed for the Great Rune to work. 

These effects will stay in place until the player dies, at which point they will be gone. Rune Arcs can be found by farming, so don’t be greedy.