How do you unlock Forensic Nightmare in Destiny 2?

Unlock Forensic Nightmare: When Stasis legendary weapons were first introduced within Destiny 2, they were very few and far from the norm. 

The Witch Queen expansion has added numerous brand new Stasis weaponry to the game. 

Some are tied to quests that are part of this Witch Queen expansion, while others are part of the all-new Season of the Risen inquiry and the activities.

Forensic Nightmare can be described as a Statis submachine gun and has an impressive array of PvP and PvE perks. 

It also rolls with Headstone and is extremely potent when you have the right design. 

Forensic Nightmare is also a resonance weapon that allows you to design the gun exactly how you’d like it to be.

How do I get Forensic Nightmare?

Forensic Nightmare is a Throne World weapon drop. All activities in the Throne World, including public events or lost sectors, are likely to bring this item to the surface. 

The game’s campaign missions is another option to look for possible drops.

The most reliable method is The Gift of Appreciation mission line. This is a task from Fynch, who is the resident Hive ghost.

There are various steps to complete that, though, are simple. Forensic Nightmare will be the ultimate reward for all your hard work when the mission is completed.

Enter the Throne World and complete the patrols or public events and activities.

 Replay missions from the campaign and increase your ranking through Fynch are excellent ways to earn Forensic Nightmare.