How to Apply Face Paint in the Horizon Forbidden West?

Apply Face Paint in the Horizon Forbidden West: Horizon Forbidden West offers a variety of options for cosmetics in addition to the many Armors that include face paints

As the name implies, Face Paints are appliable cosmetics applied to Aloy. 

When you play your Playthrough, you’ll collect lots of Face Paints. However, the issue is what to do with them? 

Sure, the game offers Face Paints, but it doesn’t explain how to apply them. Do not worry, because, in this tutorial, I’ll show how to put face Paint on in Horizon Forbidden West.

How do you put on the Face Paint to look good in Horizon Forbidden West?

Applying the Face Paint within the Horizon Forbidden West is quite easy. 

To begin, you’ll require an NPC, or a Painter, to be precise. When you have found the one you want, speak to them, and then apply a Face Paint that you have purchased for ten metal Shards.

 However, getting to one might not be as simple. There is Zokkah. 

You can meet him at The Scalding Spear or the Painters in Bulwark and Thornmarsh. 

In any situation, you will reach them during the hours of gameplay. 

It is not possible to put it on within the initial zone in Horizon Forbidden West.

Face Paints are an available resource. They can be obtained through finishing the Main Quests or Side Quests and other objectives. 

When you have one, all you need to do is speak to one of the mentioned NPCs and then put your face in the Paint. 

If you’d like to try the new Face Paints, you can test using the photo mode. Click the Options button, then select the Photo Mode option. 

Once you’re in the Photo Mode menu, You will see the Face Paint option available as an option.

 If you hover over it, you’ll be able to observe how the different Face Paints appear on Aloy.

 Be aware that they’re temporary and are taken away after getting off of Photo Mode.

It was about doing the face paint for the movie Horizon Forbidden West.