How do Character Stats work in Elden Ring?

Character Stats work in Elden Ring: Elden Ring is very concerned about your character stats. These stats will determine how well you play Elden Ring. 

You might find yourself unable to do rolls due to the additional weapons you have in battle if you don’t have the strength to use some weapons. Attributes and stats are always in play.

 Let’s look at the Elden Ring character stats and attributes and see how they work.

How Character Stats work in Elden Ring

You should be aware of two types of stats and attributes in Elden Ring.

  • Main Stats
    • Vigor
    • Mind
    • Endurance
    • Strength
    • Dexterity
    • Intelligence
    • Faith
    • Arcane
  • Other important stats
    • HP
    • FP
    • Stamina
    • Poise
    • Equip Load
    • Memory Slots
    • Discovery

Let’s look at them all and see how they impact your character.

Main Stats

  • Vigor This stat directly impacts your HP. Vigor increases your resistance to Poison Rot and gives you better resistance against Fire damage.
  • Mind: This stat improves your FP. Your mind also enhances your focus.
  • Endurance This stat improves your stamina. Endurance increases your robustness, which improves your resistance to blood loss and frostbite. It also aids in reducing your equipment load.
  • Strength: strength allows you to wield heavier weapons. It can also increase your physical attack damage and physical attack resistance.
  • Dexterity This stat lets you wield advanced weapons. This stat also decreases the time it takes to cast spells and increases the attack power for weapons that are scaled with it. You also get less fall damage, and you won’t be knocked off your horse by it.
  • Intelligence: Intelligence lets you cast glintstone spells. This stat increases the attack power and scale of all sorceries. It also increases your magic resistance.
  • Faith: faith allows you to make incantations. It increases the power and scale of incantations as well as weapons.
  • Arcane This stat improves your item discovery. Arcane increases the bleed buildup in weapons that scale with it. It increases your vitality, holy damage and enhances certain incantations or sorceries.

Elden Ring Stats Explained – Other Important Attributes

  • HP: Shows you your Hitpoints. This is the maximum number of hits you can take before you die. For example, your HP is 1500, and an enemy hits you and inflicts 300 damage. You will then be able to take 4 more hits (not counting critical attacks) before you die. To increase your Vigor, you can raise this stat level.
  • FP: Shows you your Focus Points. It is the mana you need to cast spells or incantations. It is also used to use your weapon skills and Ashes of War. If your FP is 180, and sorcery requires 30 FP to cast, you can use this example. You can then cast 6 sorceries until you run out of FP. To improve this stat, you should upgrade your Mind.
  • Stamina – Stamina infighting is an important stat. This stat is helpful whenever you attack, block, dodge, or distract an enemy. It is also used when you run. You will be unable to dodge and attack if you run out of stamina properly. You can increase your Endurance to improve this stat.
  • Equip Weight: Equip Load refers to the total weight of all your Equipment. This includes all your weapons, armor, shields, and talisman. Your dodges will take longer if your equipment is heavier.
  • Poise This stat determines how many hits you can withstand before becoming stunned.
  • Memory slots: This stat is vital if you use sorceries. This determines how many slots can use to store or learn different sorceries.
  • Discovery: Discover allows you to locate more items on enemies you have eliminated.

These are only the most important stats you need to know. Also, I recommend you to check out our SoftCaps guide for each stat

It will allow you to distribute your runes more evenly among the various attributes of the game.

This sums up the essential attributes and stats you need to know in Elden Ring.