Google Street View Gets a New Camera and Additional Features

Street Perspective by Google has been upgraded with new features and a new camera to record a 360-degree view of the globe in honour of its 15th birthday.

The ability of Street View to display historical photographs of different locations on Google Maps is the key attraction of this release. The following are the specifics.

Google Street View Now Allows Users to View Historical Images on Their Phones

In Google Maps for Android and iOS, you can now travel back in time and explore historical photos of specific locations. This will serve as a time capsule of how specific locations were and have evolved.

This feature was added to Google Maps in 2014 and was previously only accessible on the app’s desktop version.

To access historical photographs of a location, touch the “See more dates” button located anywhere on the street view of that location. You’ll be able to see images dating back to 2007; the year Street View was originally offered.

Another new announcement is Google’s camera to collect Street View images of different locations. Unlike the Street View vehicle and trekker, this new camera is lightweight and modular.

According to Google, it’s “about the size of a house cat,” It can take high-resolution photographs with excellent processing skills.

The camera, which has yet to be given a name, weighs roughly 15 pounds and can include various camera components such as Lidar sensors and other features to record additional information.

It also seems to be adorable! Another advantage is that it can load it onto any automobile with a roof rack (before, a dedicated car and equipment were required!) for the extra simplicity of taking a 360-degree image of numerous locations.

This, along with the Street View vehicle and trekker, will be available next year.

Google also emphasizes the use of Street View. May use it to provide helpful information to Google Maps, such as company data, power the Live View feature, and give consumers immersive imageries of locations worldwide.

So, what are your opinions on the new Street View features? Please let us know in the comments section below.