Genshin Impact leak reveals a new permanent game mode in Version 3.1

The future upgrades for Genshin Impact will be jam-packed with fresh material, including a new central area and a few new playable characters. At least one or two new events that last for the length of the update are included in every new edition of the game.

Players have urged HoYoverse to include more ongoing events in the game since Genshin Impact debuted back in September 2020. One of the forthcoming upgrades will include a permanent game mode, according to a well-known Genshin Impact leaker.

According to a recent tweet from merlin impact, Genshin Impact version 3.1 will have a brand-new form of mini-game that doubles as a trading card game.

It seems that PvE will make up the majority of the new game, although users may be able to challenge other players in their world.

Many comments in the comment area express how much players would enjoy the chance to compete against some of the playable characters in the game, even if it were just a card game.

Fans assert that as long as players are allowed to acquire and trade cards, they wouldn’t even object if HoYoverse decided not to award any Primogems during this event.

The official Genshin Impact tale would be far more well-liked and credible if players could acquire cards of legendary figures like the five Yakshas, Raiden Shogun’s allies, or elder Archons. Previous Genshin Impact leaks suggested that Cyno, Nilou, and Candace would be the three new characters in version 3.1.

Given that all three characters seem to have a connection to deserts, there is a likelihood that the update may also include the first desert portion of the map.

According to players, the arrival of a new TCG and the game’s first dessert has a strong Yu-Gi-Oh feel. The existence of Cyno as a new Electro polearm character has been verified by one of Sumeru’s promotional movies.

He will be a new DPS character in Genshin Impact with a significant emphasis on doing damage with his elemental talent, which reportedly has an extremely short cooldown, according to earlier leaks.

Due to previous reports indicating that she would have lengthy cooldowns for each of her skills, the second five-star character, Nilou, will likely be a new sub-DPS or support character.

The leaks have also suggested that she would be able to take over as the primary DPS, but only once players reach her sixth Constellation level.