How to Fix Google Play Store Download Pending Issue?

Android user experience is completely based on apps. For apps, you have to rely on the Google Play Store. But, what if the Play Store is not allowing you to download the apps you want. This happens when you suffer from the Play Store Download Pending issue. This dreadful issue can cost you a lot at times.

If you are looking for its solutions, this post is specifically written for you. Here, I will guide you on how to fix the ‘Google Play Store Download Pending’ issue on any Android device. After resolving the issue, you can start downloading your favorite apps again.

What is the Google Play Store Download Pending Issue?

Android is known to offer the most flexible and friendly user experience. You can do a lot of things on your Android smartphone with the help of thousands and millions of apps. All the apps are available on the Play Store to download but what if the Play Store doesn’t allow you? The same thing happens in an issue known as the Google Play Store Download Pending issue.

This issue is pretty common and may pop-up on any device due to a number of reasons. When it occurs, you won’t be able to install any app on your Android device. When you try installing an app, you will see the ‘Download Pending’ status available on the screen. The message will stay stuck and the installation progress bar will not move forward.

It is a pretty annoying issue as it prevents you from installing apps from the Play Store. Hence, it is essential that you know how to resolve this issue.

Common Causes

There are multiple causes that may lead you to this annoying issue. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons for this problem:

  • Slow or unstable internet connection. This is the most common cause.
  • Low or insufficient storage on the device.
  • VPN is active.
  • Play Store cache is corrupted.

  • Date and Time settings of your device are incorrect.
  • A virus has infected the system.
  • An OS glitch.

These are some of the most common causes that ultimately lead to this frustrating issue. If you are able to identify the cause, you can easily fix the error.

5  Ways to Fix Play  Store Download Pending Error

As this problem has multiple causes, so you can’t get rid of it by using a master key. You have to use multiple solutions to try and resolve it. If you are able to identify the cause, you can easily use the specific solution. But, if you have no idea as it is a confusing issue, you can apply all the methods one by one.

1. Switch Internet Connection & Restart Device

The first solution that we instinctively try to solve Android problems. However, this issue may not go with a simple restart. To make it go away, you have to first switch your internet connection. If you are using mobile data, switch to a WiFi network or Hotspot, and then restart your device.

I’d also recommend changing app download preferences. To do that, go to the Play Store and tap on the three-horizontal bars present on the top left corner. Next, tap on Settings, then tap on App Download Preference, and then choose ‘Over any network.’ That’s it.

2. Clear Play Store Cache

If you have a download or update stuck on pending in Play Store, clearing the Play Store cache and data is probably the most effective solution. To do that, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings app of your device.
  • Now find and tap on Apps.
  • Next, tap on Manage Apps.
  • Here, find Google Play Store and tap on it.
  • Next, tap on Clear Data, and then choose Clear Cache.

  • Go back to Play Store and try downloading the app now.
  • If you are able to download, then well and good. But, if you are still stuck, go back to Settings-> Apps-> Manage Apps-> Google Play Store-> Clear Data, and then tap on Clear Data.

That’s it. Now open the Play Store and log in with your Google account again. This will solve the problem. Remember that the exact steps may vary based on your Phone’s UI.

3. Cancel Stuck Any Stuck Download or Update

Play Store allows you to install only a single app at a time. Sometimes a downloading or updating app may get stuck on your device, and this prevents you from installing any other app. To fix this, open Play Store on your device, tap on the three horizontal bars and then tap on My apps & games.

Here, check if any app is updating automatically and see if it is stuck. If you find such apps, tap on ‘cross (X)’ present next to them to cancel them. Once done, see if the error is gone.

4. Free up Storage

Play Store needs a lot of free space on your device in order to install apps. It recommends that you have at least 20% of the total storage on the device free for apps. So, if you are low on storage, you may experience this issue.

The simplest solution is to go to the File Manager and check how much free storage you have. If you don’t have enough space, try deleting some images, videos, or unnecessary files to free up space.

5. Turn Off VPN

When you connect to a VPN, your public IP address changes. This may act as a problem for Play Store. So, to get rid of the problem, you simply have to disconnect the VPN.

If you are connected to a VPN, disconnect it. After disconnecting your VPN, check if the error is gone.

6. Set Date & Time

If you have noticed that your mobile is showing an incorrect date or time, this may be the cause of this issue. So, to fix it, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Settings app.
  • Now tap on System/System Settings.
  • Next, tap on Date & Time.
  • Now enable the toggle switch present next to ‘Automatic date & time.’

  • Restart your smartphone.

That’s it. Now check if you are able to install apps.

Final Verdict

Not being able to install apps from the Play Store is annoying. The Google Play Store Download Pending does exactly that. So, it is essential that you know how to fix it. These are the top 6 solutions to resolve the issue. You may have gotten rid of it by now. However, if you are still in trouble, I’d recommend checking if your mobile has any updates available.

If they are available, install them. But, if there aren’t any updates available, performing a ‘factory reset’ is the only option left. That’s all for this post. I hope you find it helpful. Share your experiences about it in the comments below.