Google Lens on Chrome Desktop Now Supports Copy Text, Translate, and Image Source

When you use Chrome on a computer, you can now use more features in Google Lens. It can now do more than just search for images. After the search option, it also has Text, Translate, and Find image source tools. These tools can help you find the source of an image.

The new tools are now available on Chrome for Windows, Chrome OS, Mac, and Chrome. People who use the Google app for phones have had these and many other options for a long time. It isn’t clear when Google made this change.

Chrome for the desktop now has three new options in the Google Lens search results on the home screen. Automatically, the Text tool can figure out what text is in an image. You can choose how much text you want to select. Copy or listen to the text that you’ve chosen. You can then do this.

It can also be used to make another Google search, or it can be opened on the Google Translate site. Also, a separate Translate tool opens a UI that looks like the one on the mobile app. Google Lens is set up to figure out what language it is automatically. However, you can also choose your language pairs.

The Find image source tool sends you to Google Images, where you can look for images. This tool lets you upload a picture or screenshot of a website to Google Images, search for results, and then look through the results. This option is thought to have been added to fix the problem when Google Lens replaced the Image Search option.

When you search on Android, you can see the Google Lens icon in the search bar. The Lens icon is said to have been seen on while using Chrome’s Incognito Mode. It also looks like Google Lens will be added to the Google Search homepage for Chrome on desktops in the future.