GodLike Esports To Represent India At PMGC 2021

PMGC 2021: If there’s a competition that the players are more excited about, the most anticipated one can be PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021.

It is scheduled to occur from January 21 through January 23rd, 2022.

 After it was announced that the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (2021) ended with Skylightz Gaming emerging as the winner, several reports suggested that Skylightz Gaming will represent India in PMGC 2021. However, the claims have been proven to be false.

You read it correctly! Skylightz Gaming will not be representing India in PMGC 2021 next week.

According to the most recent news reports, GodLike Esports, which took fourth place at the BGIS 2021 tournament BGIS 2021, will represent India at this tournament.

You’re probably thinking about how this is possible. Don’t you?

In the event of a non-existent, India was invited to the PMGC Grand Finals 2021, and the winner of BGIS 2021 was to represent India at the International level.

Following the rules of the tournament, Skylightz Gaming was supposed to represent India according to the laws of the tournament; Skylightz Gaming was supposed to represent India in this tournament.

However, their name has been taken off the Invitational slot because they do not have the necessary documents to travel overseas to participate during the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals.

 In addition, GodLike will fly to Dubai to represent India in the PUBG Mobile Global Challenge 2021.

Skylightz Gaming and Team XO, and TSM, who took the third and second spots, respectively, at BGIS 2021, we cannot present the required documents, which would have given GodLike a chance for GodLike to represent India on a global scale.

To participate for a spot in PMGC 2021, participants must possess an official passport with at least six months of validity. 

Alongside having a passport, players must also be vaccinated and positive in the Covid test. 

Because Skylightz Gaming could not meet the criteria, the names of their players were taken off this Invitational slot.

As per the reports, Team GodLike Esports has completed the required requirements.

 As a result, they will fly from Dubai to represent India during the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals.