God of War: Witch’s Cave Treasure Guide

Witch’s Cave Treasure Guide: God of War‘s vast map is filled with obscure areas that contain potent objects. 

Its Witch’s Cave is one of those mysterious areas, but players can’t immediately access it.

 Once they’ve completed”A New Destiny “A New Location” mission, they can go back to Witch’s Cave via The Lake of the Nine. 

Once they have done that, although they’ll have to overcome new challenges, there is the chance to get specific items from God of War‘s incredible loot.

The Witches Cave is similar to God of War‘s other puzzles or treasures in Midgard. 

In the vicinity of The Lake of the Nine, the cave is brimming with unique treasures that create Kratos more ready for his future journeys in the game.

Witch’s Cave Treasure Guide

When you enter into the Witch’s Cave, Atreus will be able to blow up the red sap wall to reveal an elevator. 

This will allow players to another wall Atreus must destroy to expose a long hallway. 

The hall will have enemies players must contend with, and when they’ve been eliminated, players need to go down the hall and then turn left. 

They will be able to discover the Legendary chest, which contains the Muspelheim encryption… just one of many items found in the Witch’s Cave that will help players on their journey, especially if they’re playing through modified material in God of War.

Other items found inside the Witch’s Cave are the Nornir Chest and The Turtle’s Tribute, the treasure map, and another Legendary chest. 

These items can be discovered by navigating in the Witch’s Cave, save for the Nornir chest. 

To unlock it, players have to locate all the seals that allow it to be opened.

Nornir Chest Seal Locations

The first one is located just in front of the Legendary chest. The second one is further away. Players must return to the elevator before turning left.

 Here is the place where the capabilities provided by Atreus from God of War shine. 

In the next chapter, Atreus will possibly form two bridges that light up.

 After they’ve completed them, an elixir root is crystal-dispensing.

 The players should pick up the crystal, take it back to the coffin near the beginning of the bridges and take it to the point where Atreus shoot the crystal. 

The crystal will be exposed on the right side of the coffin. Here players will discover an additional Nornir seal.

After players have received their second seal, they’ll require another crystal, walk past to the center Nornir chest and up the ramp, which they will be able to see a double sap wall. 

When they blow it up, it will reveal an opening that they can access.

 This leads them to an area with a wooden chest, a Treasure Chest of the Turtle’s Tribute, as well as the third Nornir seal. 

Once there, players can return to the chest and open it to get the Horn of Blood Mead.

 This process only requires determination, not the other God of War‘s beneficial benefits.

The Witch’s Cave has more available items than other locations found in God of War. As a result, it’s not so dangerous as it may seem complex. 

The search for places similar to The Hive is a matter of concentration.

 It certainly will not be a problem for the committed God of War fans.

God of War is available for download now to download on PC, PS4, and PS5.