Fix C_NAJM_1009 Error Code In PES Mobile

Fix C_NAJM_1009 Error Code: Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) Mobile is the most adored and played game in soccer played by every football player. 

However, numerous players have difficulty accessing and playing their favourite sport on their phones. 

It’s a message that says, “Access for the servers is not possible because of the high volume of traffic. Retry? Code C_NAJM_1009” appears on your screen after you sign in to the game.

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Errors can become annoying if they keep popping up, preventing you from playing your preferred game.

 So, if you’re having this problem on PES Mobile and cannot play the game, there is an answer for you.

It’s pretty simple for you to get rid of the code C_NAJM_1009 that appears in PES Mobile. 

The message displayed on the screen indicates that servers are getting high traffic volumes. 

The accessibility is limited to a set amount of players at any time. 

When there is a lot of traffic, or numerous users attempt at accessing the same site or application, servers will typically have a server issue and go down. 

Therefore, to prevent the server from going offline, developers usually limit the number of users who can access the server.

PES Mobile also has limited access, and you’ll only be able to repair this error only if you’re lucky! The only solution to fix this issue is to keep pressing”Retry.”

 “Retry” button on your screen until you are accessed.

There is a third option to resolve this issue, and that is to clean all data. Below are the steps you need to take to follow:

  • Long press your PES Mobile icon to open the menu.
  • Click on the ” information icon.
  • Select the option ” Remove Data at the right side of the screen below an uninstall option.

Although this isn’t an absolute method, it has proven effective for many players. 

Therefore, take your time and keep pressing the RETRY button even if there is no result until you are into the game!