Express Credit Card: Lame Rewards Structure

Express highlights trendy styles in its products to attract the younger generation. However, great fashion sometimes comes with steep prices, which is true with the items you’ll see in Express stores. This is where Express introduced the Express credit card, which is meant to help its shoppers get rewards that they can use in their future purchases. However, how effective is it in delivering its task? And does it really help you save? Or is it just another marketing gimmick to avoid?

Express Credit Card

Express Credit Card

Intro Bonus: 20% off

Regular APR: 26.99%

Credit Score: Fair to Good

Annual Fee: $0


  • New cardholders will receive a 20% discount on their first purchase using the card.
  • The card will make you an instant Influencer.
  • It increases your points earning rate, and Influencer cardmembers will get an additional $10 in their birthday gift.
  • The card has no annual fee.
  • There is a minimal set of perks offered by the card.

Express Credit Card Review

The Express Insider Program

The Express Insider Program

Before applying for an Express credit card, you’ve probably encountered the Express Insider Program before. This loyalty program allows Express shoppers to receive benefits from the stores without committing to a credit card account. With this program membership, you can receive points that are convertible to Express Cash certificates (1,250 points = $5), birthday gifts, access to invite-only events and exclusive sales, and more. So, what is the Express credit card for?

Applying for an Express credit card will automatically enroll you in the store’s loyalty program. The program serves as the backbone of the card, so you can experience the same benefits other program members are receiving. Nonetheless, the card can give you a few additional perks like the 20% off welcome bonus, and it can increase your points earning.

Non-card members basically receive 10 points per 1 dollar at the Insider tier of the program, while the Influencer and A-list tiers get 15 and 20 points per dollar, respectively. However, when you have the card, you will be automatically given the Influencer status and would earn 20 points per dollar. With this, reaching the A-list level can be much faster. To do it, you would need to earn 10,000+ points through a combination of spend and bonus offers. That translates to at least $500 within the program year earning period (defined as March 1 to the last day of February the following year) on qualifying purchases. And once you have reached the highest tier, you can start earning 25 points per dollar.

Additional Benefits of Express Credit Card

Additional Benefits of Express Credit Card

On the other hand, having a card will also benefit you in the different sections of the program. Besides the same perks that non-card members have, you will get free shipping and returns, and your birthday gift under Influencer status would get an additional $10, turning it to a total of $20 (birthday gift in A-list status remains $40).

Final Thoughts:

Getting an Express credit card is just as easy as other closed-loop store cards in the market. It only requires fair to good credits cores, and it has no annual fee, which means using it won’t add up to your yearly financial responsibilities. The benefits it can offer, nonetheless, is something that should hinder you from applying for one. 

The Express credit card can improve your points earning, and that is true. Nevertheless, the available perks and benefits it can provide are indisputably minimal, even when you reach the A-list status. The birthday gift of an A-list cardholder doesn’t even have a difference from what non-card A-list members are receiving, and the amount of Express Cash remains the same at all levels of the program.

All in all, the failure of Express to give the card a better set of capabilities put it on the weaker side compared to other store cards out there. The lame features and lack of motivational benefits show how unnecessary the card is.

Still, it shouldn’t stop you from looking for a better shopping tool. But instead of store cards, opt for general rewards cards that can do you more good. Besides being versatile due to their open-loop nature, they offer more special offers such as 0% intro APR and flexible points redemption options. If you want some of the best suggestions, have a look at our best credit card reviews for Wells Fargo, Citi, Capital One, Bank of America, Discover, Amex, and Chase.