Epic Game brings Fortnite Impostors just like Among Us

Epic Game brings Fortnite Impostors just like Among Us: Fortnite’s latest mode takes inspiration from the social game Among Us.

However, Epic Games declared Fortnite Impostors, out now, which plays like Among Us, where a group of players must thwart enemies posing as teammates.

Each team will have 10 players and must complete a series of assignments. Players working as Impostors may sabotage their work.

Just like Among Us, Impostors modes allow players to gather together and vote for an Impostor.

The mode is very similar to Among Us, but Innersloth did not create it.

According to employees, Innersloth’s creators took note. On Twitter, co-founder Marcus Bromander said the studio had been actively working with Epic Games on a collaboration.

Bromander said, “We didn’t patent the Among Us mechanics.” Bromander said, “I don’t believe that leads to healthy game industries.” It is so hard to put 10 percent more effort into it, though.

Victoria Tran, the community director at the studio, commented on Twitter about the similarities between Impostor Mode and Among Us. “Like game mechanics fine. But at the very minimum, different themes or terminology makes it more interesting.”