How to Enable Dark Mode On Whatsapp? Android & iOS

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app which has billions of users. We don’t need to give much introduction about the app as it is so popular. Earlier when the app was started, it only allowed to send or receive messages. After that, it brought audio/ video call feature and now it has finally got a “Dark Mode” feature. The “Dark Mode” feature was in a talk from so long, and it was available for all Beta users of Android and iOS. However, now this “Dark Theme’ is available for all Android and iOS users. Apple introduced the dark mode for iPhone in iOS13, after that iPad with iPadOS and then Google has also introduced dark theme from Android 10. After this, all were waiting for the dark theme to come on the apps. So, finally, Whatsapp has brought the “Dark Mode” feature for all the users.

Have you enabled the Dark Mode theme on your WhatsApp? If no, then what are you waiting for, enable the dark theme now. Here, in this article, we will give a step by step guide on how you can get a dark mode theme on your Whatsapp.

What is Dark Mode in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Dark Mode is a new design for the app. It will change its usual light grey and green shade to a dark shade of the background. However, it is your choice to keep the Dark theme or want the regular one as both the options are available. If you want to use Dark Theme, then you can enable the Dark theme if not you can use the regular one.

Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode

There are a few reasons to use Dark mode. However, everyone has their own choice, like some of them finds dark backgrounds easier, and some of them don’t. If you use a phone for a long time or at night, then the dark mode is better as you won’t get light on your face.

How to Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode On Android?

WhatsApp Dark Mode is out for all the Android users. If you want the dark theme, then follow the steps and enable the Dark Theme on your WhatsApp.

  • First of all open the WhatsApp App
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner and open MENU
  • Now click on SETTINGS
  • Go to CHATS
    Enable Dark Mode on Whatsapp
  • Now, click on the first option THEME.

  • You can tap on DARK and then click on OK.
  • You will get the DARK THEME on your WhatsApp.

That’s it! It is very easy to get the dark theme on WhatsApp on your Android device. If you don’t want to use dark mode, then you can change it to regular one by following the steps and choose the Light theme.

This method is not available for iOS 13 users. And all the iPhone users who are not having iOS 13 will not be able to use the Dark Mode feature on Whatsapp.

How To Enable WhatsApp Dark Mode On iPhone?

All the iPhone users first need to get the latest version of Whatsapp, which is 2.20.30 version. So, go to App Store and get the latest version of Whatsapp.

  • You need the latest version 2.20.30 Whatsapp to enable the Dark Mode
  • Open the SETTINGS on your phone
    How To Enable Dark Mode On Whatsapp
  • Go to Display and Brightness option
  • Now, tap on DARK to enable the dark theme
    How To Enable Dark Mode On Whatsapp
  • If you don’t want to use Dark mode, then follow the same steps and tap on Light theme.
    How To Enable Dark Mode On Whatsapp?

So, this is how you can get dark mode on the iPhone. If you don’t know, then let me tell you that Whatsapp dark mode on Desktop is also on the way. Soon all the users can get the dark theme on WhatsApp Web also.

WhatsApp Dark Mode On Desktop?

Dark Mode is also coming on WhatsApp Desktop. However, the Desktop version dark theme is still in working. It is not yet available for testing too.

We will update the article as soon as it gets launched for the Web version of WhatsApp.

Final Thoughts

So, this how you can enable WhatsApp Dark Mode on your Whatsapp. We have given a step by step guide for Android and iOS users, follow it and start using Dark theme. We hope this article was helpful to you. Stay tuned to us for the more and latest update. If you have any queries, then let us know by commenting in the comment section below.