Download Clash Of Lights APK For Android | Latest Version

The Most Exciting of Conflicts – The clash of clash is a very popular game in the Android arena. People young and old play the clash of clans in their free time and sometimes free their time to play the game. It is a ruthless and a powerful game that grips the player’s attention with the minute details and plot. You can update the quality of the game by downloading the clash of lights APK that is provided by the private servers.

The most popular clash of clans’ server is here and that is called the clash of lights. The new updated feature of the clash of clans is forcing the fans to Hackney after the game. This makes the game more interesting than before.

The town hall twelve can now defend against itself, it is capable to be strong amidst the attacks. If the opponent thinks of scratching the paint the Giga Tesla will come to fight.

The Giga Tesla is the bigger brother of the Tesla. He shoots electricity at those who try to attack him and his home. He does a lot of damage to the attackers when they try to ruin the clean and shiny painted surfaces. On the whole, this game is going to make the gamers sit with their Android phones the whole day.

The New Features Of The Game

  • You can fight against the attackers in all new ways with the techniques you have never seen before.
  • Now you can put a machine siege, build and also utilise them for breaking the strongest and formidable of walls to fight back against the enemies.
  • There will be new troops, never before seen levels and there will be a noticeable increase in the rewards that will help you to reach the next level.

The Pluses Of The Clash Of Lights

The clash of lights is the brand new game provided by private servers that will help you to earn numerous gems, elixir and gold.

This private server will aid you to reap the benefits of the labour. When you are playing the clash of clans’ game you may have missed out on the collection of points that would have given you the accessibility to play more levels.

But it is easy to get points in the clash of lights. It has commands that will allow you to attack the enemy without any error. The clash of lights is a suitable game for Android versions.

When you love the clash of clans you will certainly love the clash of lights. It is the most preferred CoC modelled APK. This is used by many people to get the new amazing experience of gaming. The number of users who are downloading the clash of lights app is increasing day by day.

This is the best proof of the popularity of the APK. This has resulted in more number of users of the server.

This APK is the same as the game. You don’t need to worry about the quality and the features. The things that made you fall in love with the clash of clans will be present there in the game. But the only thing that will differ is that you will find more of everything in the clash of lights.

The gems, points and the rewards will be plentiful. In the clash of lights you will be able to get double of everything. Now, this is fantastic right! This is a dream come true for all gamers.

The game is also more stable than the games found in any other private servers. If there is a wish to upgrade your troops and building it will be the same as the original clash of clans but you will be able to get gems to finish the process easily. You can also restore the gems you have used.

How To Install The Clash of Lights APK For Android?

  • There will be a link provided for you on several sites. Access those sites and it will direct you regarding the download option of the APK.
  • You can open the file once after the download.
  • You have to remember to let your mobile to give permissions for the installation of the unknown sources. This will only take a few minutes. Just go to the settings and click the option unknown sources and choose to allow the sources.
  • Then the file will get easily installed. You can enjoy the benefits the app will offer for you.


The facilities that were discussed above are provided by a private server, therefore, the services are for free. Other servers will offer this kind of facilities only when you pay. But you can get the advantages free of cost in this server. You can start playing the game without thinking about the costs. Use the clash of lights to make your leisure time more interesting and awesome.