Diablo Immortal earned $49 million in its first month of release

Activision In its first month, Diablo Immortal from Blizzard made almost $1 million every day, for over $49 million.

Ten million downloads of the game have been made so far. The game’s earnings reached their high 10 days after release when they reached $24 million.

The App Store and Google Store taxes are not taken into account in the Appmagic calculations, which results in a more significant total income for the game, as stated by MobileGamer.biz.

Regional Issues

Diablo Immortal downloads sharply decreased a week after its release, with 6.5 million occurring in the first seven days and the remaining 3.5 million occurring during the following week.

Belgium and the Netherlands have not yet seen the game’s release, most likely due to the severe regulations in place there regulating treasure boxes. 

The stated justification given by Activision Blizzard is the “current operational circumstances in certain nations.”

After being postponed indefinitely in June, China’s game has suffered a significant setback. 

Due to this, the price of NetEase’s shares fell from a six-month high of $172.50 to $139.20 on June 22. 

Chinese gaming authorities granted NetEase a gaming license for Diablo Immortal in February.

The game’s revenues, however, indicate that despite unfavourable evaluations, players could ignore the monetisation techniques and provide a consistent income stream. 

Activision Blizzard has made it clear that it won’t use a similar approach to the forthcoming Diablo IV.