Children’s Place Credit Card: Feeble Rewards Unfit for Shopping Needs

For parents in need of clothes for their kids, the destination is Children’s Place. The retailer offers the comfort and style that will fit newborn to 12-year-old children, but it isn’t the only reason for its fame across the US. It also provides incredible quality and decent price tags. And to make things better, the store introduced the Children’s Place credit card that claims to help you save when shopping for your bundle of joy or picky tween. But just how true is it?

Intro Bonus: 20% off coupon

Regular APR: 25.99%

Credit Score: Fair to Good

Annual Fee: $0


  • Cardholders can earn double points for every dollar spent.
  • There is a 25% off Birthday Club offer for up to four of your children.
  • You get a $5 Reward Certificate for every 100 points collected.
  • Points expire after one year of earning them.

Children’s Place Credit Card Review:

Like other stores, Children’s Place offers its regular shoppers two options to save: through its basic My Place Rewards program or a My Place Rewards card, the Children’s Place credit card. Picking the former can make things much simpler for you, and you can still get a good deal of rewards, such as a 20% off Birthday Club offer and access to bonus events and Birthday Club. It also lets you earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Children’s Place stores, and you can convert it to a $5 Reward Certificate for every 100 points collected. Most of all, there are no responsibilities for you to handle. Enter the Children’s Place credit card: a simple CC that can promise you a better advantage in shopping at the said store. But is it worth having it?

Children’s Place Credit Card

Children’s Place Credit Card

As anyone would expect from a closed-loop CC, Children’s Place credit card is offered without annual fees for you to pay. The Children’s Place will grant a 20% off coupon when your card arrives in your welcome kit as a welcome bonus. As a plus, another 30% off coupon will be issued as soon as your account is approved.

My Place Rewards Program

My Place Rewards Program

My Place Rewards credit card also promises the same benefits you’ll see in non-card members of the program, but where it differs is in the numbers. For instance, you can register up to four of your kids’ birthdays (ages 0-16) and receive a 25% off Birthday Club offer for them. Moreover, the card earns 2 points per $1 spent on Children’s Place purchases, which means you only need to spend $50 to get the 100 points that you can convert to a $5 Reward Certificate (issued in $5 increment, up to a maximum of $200).

That is almost everything Children’s Place credit card can offer. It can’t work at other stores besides Children’s Place, but it can benefit you if you are a loyal customer. However, cardholders and future applicants still need to be aware that it has a high APR of 25.99%, and the penalty fees can reach up to $40. If you can manage the card with pure caution and pay your entire balance by the due date each month, it won’t be a problem. If you fail to do it, expect the withdrawal of benefits you can get from the program or, worse, adverse effects on your credit score. So, is it worth the risk of having the Children’s Place credit card? Or should you just stick with the basic rewards program?

My Place Rewards card has very little to offer in terms of rewards. The difference between the benefits of non-card members and cardholders isn’t that significant. By getting the card, you are just risking yourself for a high-interest charge if you are not diligent enough when you use it. That being said, it is probably not worth the risk to have the card just to experience a very minimal set of one-time bonuses from the store. Instead, opt for a general rewards card that can provide you flexible benefits from redeeming the points in various ways to earning points wherever you use it. If you want to know more about them, check out our review of some of the best cards from Bank of America, Capital One, Discover, and Chase.