Changes have been made to the Xbox Game Pass Quests.

Users of the Xbox Game Pass Quests program have been able to get free Microsoft Rewards points for simple tasks and play some of the best games.

There are fewer rewards for simple tasks but more ways to get more meaningful tips.

People who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass get to play new games and stay active in the Xbox community through this new program, which is very exciting.

Microsoft is still working on the program, though, and a further update will be making some significant changes.

Many people who use Xbox Game Pass Quests have been taking advantage of two straightforward tasks to get Microsoft Rewards points for a long time now, and they’re still going strong.

If you log into the Xbox Game Pass app on your phone, you get 5 points. That quest doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

It asked people to start any Game Pass game and earn 5 points, too. That daily quest is still there, but now it only gives you 3 points.

Xbox Game Pass Quests have a much smaller trickle of rewards now.

On the other hand, Microsoft is trying to make up for a minor trickle of rewards by giving more people access to bigger prizes.

Xbox Game Pass Quests now make getting the big 1,000 point reward for completing daily and weekly quests, which is worth many points.

To get it, you’ll have to do 22 daily quests. Players can forget to come to the game and still be rewarded. This should make it a lot easier.

There are also two big Bonus Round quests in March, which more than make up for the small number of points.

However, they are a lot more complicated than just logging in. For 2,000 points, users have to do many different things, like use Bing for five days, do daily tasks, and more.

Another bonus task asks players to do one thing for 500 points during Women’s History Month.

All in all, people who use Xbox Game Pass Quests are better off.

That doesn’t make the loss of value of the easy daily rewards any less painful, of course.

Xbox’s use of short-term bonus rewards to make up for possible long-term cuts in overall reward dispersal doesn’t make that worry go away, either.

If you get Xbox Live Gold through Microsoft Rewards, this could be bad news for people who get the service through that method.

Why Microsoft made these changes to Xbox Game Pass Quests in the first place isn’t clear.

8 points a day less than before add up to about 240 Microsoft Rewards points a month.

It costs 9,500 reward points to get Xbox Live Gold. Because these rewards are so small, taking them away seems pointless or cruel.

Perhaps there is more to the changes that Microsoft will explain later better.