How to Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription?

Spotify has offered us the best music to listen to throughout the years. There aren’t many good songs available in the world that you can’t find here. But, with the other alternatives growing rapidly, a lot of people are jumping ships. That’s why, people are searching for “How to cancel Spotify Premium Subscription?” There could be many reasons why one would want to cancel their Spotify premium subscription. Hence, it is essential that one must know how to do it.

If you are looking to learn the same, this post is specially written for you. Here, I will guide you to cancel Spotify Premium on various mediums. Just go through this guide and you’ll learn everything you should about canceling Spotify premium.

Full Guide: Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription on PC or Mobile

Spotify got so popular among the music lovers that it has turned synonymous to music streaming worldwide. You could find fans of the platform in every region. Almost every song worth listening to is available on Spotify. You can find your favorite songs, albums, playlists, and even artists. Spotify provides two types of accounts, a free one and a paid one. The paid one is known as Spotify Premium and comes with a different price tag for different plans. There three plans to choose from: Basic which costs $9.99 per month, Students which costs $4.99 per month and Family Plan that costs $14.99 per month for up to 6 people.

Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription


With newer options like Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music rising up the charts, more and more people are trying them out. This has lead to a lot of people trying to cancel their Spotify premium plan. One legit reason why people are wanting to cancel their Spotify plan is the alternatives are available for a lower price tag and offer similar or even better services. So, people are canceling their premium plan to save their pockets. There could be many other reasons as well. If you are also looking to cancel your Spotify premium subscription, scroll down and you’ll learn how.

Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription from their Website on PC

The simplest way to cancel your Spotify Premium subscription is by visiting the official website on your desktop or laptop and cancel it from there. Follow these simple steps in order to know what you need to do for this.

  • Step-1: Open a browser, preferably Chrome, enter the following address: in the URL bar and hit Enter on the keyboard. This will take you to the “Account overview” of Spotify.
  • Step-2: Now click on Subscription from the left side panel.
  • Step-3: Spotify will ask you a reason for the cancelation. You can choose your reason from the list and click on Continue.
  • Step-4: Enter your password when the website prompts you and then click on Cancel My Subscription.
  • Step-5: You will the Spotify bidding you Goodbye and presenting a link to re-subscribe to Premium on the screen. Close the browser.

That’s it. You will also receive an email from Spotify informing you about your decision and telling you that you can come back any time during the next 3 months and you’ll find all your settings and preferences saved. Sometimes, Spotify will also offer great deals when you attempt a cancellation. So, if you find a worthy one, I suggest you can grab it, use it, and then proceed with cancelation afterward.

Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription on Mobile (iPhone & Android)

You can also cancel your Spotify premium plan using your iPhone or Android smartphone. The method is a bit different on both of these so I’ll explain them separately.

On iPhone or iPad

Follow these simple steps if you have signed up for Spotify on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Step-1: Go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Step-2: Find and tap on iTunes and App Stores.
  • Step-3: Here, tap on your Apple ID.
  • Step-4: Next, tap on ViewAppleID and enter your Apple ID password.
  • Step-5: Now tap on Subscriptions and then tap on Manage.
  • Step-6: Here, choose Spotify Premium and turn off Automatic Renewal.
  • Step-7: Confirm your choice from the prompt.

That’s it. Your subscription is canceled and you can access your account until the end of your billing cycle. After that, your subscription will be over.

On Android

Android devices don’t have a special way to cancel Spotify premium subscription. You will have to use the method that I mentioned above for desktop by opening the Spotify website in the mobile browser. All the steps will be the same but you just have to use the mobile version of the Spotify website. The Spotify mobile app doesn’t have the option to cancel the subscription. So, you must visit their website in order to do that.

Permanently Delete your Spotify Account- Free or Premium

You can also delete your Spotify account permanently if you are planning to quit the platform forever or just want to create a new one. Spotify allows you to permanently delete your Spotify account and that clears all your saved data, preferences and settings. All your traces on the platform will be cleared.

Note: Spotify only saves your setting, playlists, and preferences for 3 months after the cancelation of your premium plan. After that, it automatically clears your saved data. However, if you don’t want Spotify to keep that for even 3 months, you can opt to delete your account immediately after cancelation.

Follow these steps if you want to delete your Spotify Account permanently.

  • Step-1: Open your browser, visit and cancel your premium plan as I mentioned above.
  • Step-2: Go to this Spotify Contact Form. Alternatively, you can go to Spotify Help Forum, click on Account Help and then click on  Close Account.
  • Step-3: In the form, choose Account and then select I want to close my account permanently.
  • Step-4: Finally, click on Close Account.

That’s it.

Final Thoughts

This is how you cancel Spotify premium subscription on various devices. If you are not able to find the option to cancel your plan on the Spotify account page, this means that you signed up using a third-party medium like iTunes or Broadband/Mobile provider. So, you must contact the company that manages your payments to cancel the plan.

That’s all for now. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding anything mentioned in this post, you can feel free to use the comment box and convey it to me. I’ll be glad to listen to you.  I hope you find this post helpful and you are able to cancel your Spotify premium plan.