This is the reason Valorant disabled agent Neon?

The reason Valorant disabled agent Neon: Agent Neon has been confirmed as the most recent authorized agent for Valorant. The speedy agent made her way to Valorant more quickly than anticipated.

As we mentioned earlier, Agent Neon was officially confirmed to be in Valorant following data leaks regarding the character.

The speedster was introduced to the game briefly but was then removed.

Today, we’ll discuss why Valorant Agent Neon was removed from the game and when we are likely to see her return in the game.

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What caused Valorant Agent Neon to be disabled?

Agent Neon was accessible for players to use as an agent unlocked in Episode 4. 

But then, Riot Games quickly retracted the agent before players had access to her. Riot Games tweeted that it was an error on their part.

 Regions that received patch 4.0 accidentally got the temporary new agent. 

But then, Riot Games has pulled out the character and has addressed the issue on Twitter.

 Discover when and where you will access the latest Valorant agent below.

When will Neon Will Be Available in Valorant?

As stated on Twitter, Agent Neon is back as the 19th player within the game just a few hours after being removed.

Players can now unlock Agent Neon that was previously unavailable Agent Neon by purchasing her contract or gaining experience in matches and missions.

Riot acknowledged the issue by tweeting, “Neon was accidentally released with an inactive Agent and was blocked in areas where Patch 4.0 is currently live.

We’re planning to get back into the game in about two hours.

That is the reason Agent Neon was removed from Valorant.