Can you use Prepaid Credit Cards for Online Gambling?

Prepaid credit cards have become extremely popular in recent times. This is mainly because it allows players the opportunity to make payments at sites without having to enter their bank details. This gives players more security when making payments, and it allows for anonymity to be kept in terms of how payments are used. But can players use them for online gambling? We have taken a look.

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Making Payments

Players are able to make deposits to online casinos using prepaid credit cards. These have to be funded elsewhere, sometimes using cash to do so, then the card itself can be used to make payments. However, not all online casinos accept the cards. So, it’s important to look over which sites allow prepaid cards to be used. You can find this information amongst the reviews that are available at norgescasino, which makes it easy to start using prepaid cards.

The most obvious reason that players tend to want to use prepaid credit cards is so that they can keep their online casino play away from their bank. Because banks can sometimes refuse loans and other financial services if players use online casinos, they prefer to use prepaid cards which can’t track how the person is using their money.

Making Withdrawals

This is where things come unstuck slightly. The issue with using prepaid cards to play at online casinos is that players can’t make withdrawals using them. They can only make deposits. So, if you grab a big win, then you will have to find a different withdrawal method to get access to your money. This can often cause some problems for players.

Firstly, if players use prepaid cards because they want to retain some security, making a withdrawal will remove this. They will have to enter some other form of banking details, in order to get access to their money. This can be, either their bank details or an e-wallet. This will obviously remove some of the benefits of using a prepaid card. Choice of some instant withdrawal casino Australia.

Secondly, players who want to stop their bank from finding out that they are playing at an online casino will lose this benefit. Because the payment is made into their account will make it obvious where the money came from.

It means that this is one of the best ways to make a deposit to an online casino, but when it comes to making a withdrawal, players will have to find another way to do so. Some players have started to use cryptocurrency as a withdrawal method as it is less traceable than other forms of payment. However, there are other risks that are associated with using crypto for withdrawals.

As such, it means that players have to examine all the different factors when choosing what payment method they want to use for withdrawals.