Bli Kvitt Kredittkortgjeld – Lose Your Credit Card Debt

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Many people use credit cards for many things in their daily lives. This creates a large amount of credit card debt that can get tough to pay. That is even worse when you have several credit cards that you use daily.

Many places can help you to get rid of your debt in easy ways. One such place is, they have been able to help many people. They can help you and others like you.

This article will help you to find some ways that you can get rid of your credit card debt. It will give you some ideas to help you do that. You can also do some more research and find other ways that could help you.

Tips to Help You Lose Your Credit Card Debt

  • Set a Goal – You will need to set a goal to begin with. A simple goal of just paying the minimum on each card can help you to get started. It does not need to be a lofty goal, just something to get you started.

If you have trouble setting a goal, you could start by using a S.M.A.R.T. goal. This is one that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely: This will give you a way to start achieving that goal.

  • Ice Your Cards – You need to stop using your credit cards altogether – take them out of your wallet so that you are not tempted to use them. You do not want to be tempted, so leave them behind. If they are not in your wallet, you cannot use them.

One trick that many people use is to put your cards in ice, literally. You could put your cards in a bucket of water and freeze them. Then when you have paid them all off, you can thaw them out.

  • Prioritize Debts – When you are trying to catch up on all your debts you need to prioritize them. Your home and vehicle debts should be the most important on that priority list. After that, you need to decide what is most important.

You could place your high-interest credit cards next on the list unless you have other more pressing debts. You could also list any payday loans, title loans, or anything similar next. You need to see what is most important to you.

Once you see what is most important to you, you will be able to pay those off first. Then you can work on the other, less important items on your list. Doing this will help you to pay off all your bills in a timely manner.

  • Reduce Your Expenses – After you have made this list, you can make another one. You can keep track of everything that you spend money on each month. Include every dollar that is spent, even if it is as small as a coffee on the way to work.

Once you have made this list, you can start removing things that are not necessary. This might mean your morning coffee, or it might mean more expensive things that you can do without. By removing those unnecessary items, you can use this extra money to pay your credit card bills.

  • Make a Spending Plan – Now that you have your lists made up, you need to make a spending plan. Pay the most important bills in full – this is your home and car. Then divide the rest of your money into the rest of your payments, making sure that you put some money into savings, as well.

You need to make minimum payments on all your debts if that is possible. If it is not possible, call your creditors and make a deal with them. Most are open to making deals with you if they know that they will get paid.

  • Use the Avalanche Method – The avalanche method works like this – you pay the minimum payments on the credit cards with the lowest rates and make the maximum payments on the cards with the higher rates. Learn more about the avalanche method here. Once the higher cards get paid in full, you can start paying the cards with the lower interest rates until they are paid in full. This will help you to prioritize those cards.

This is just one method on how to pay down the cards that you have. There are other methods that work just as well. You just need to find a way that works for you and stick to it.

  • The Snowball Method – If you do not think the avalanche method will work for you, you could try the snowball method. This method will have you pay the card that has the smallest balance and pay it all off first. You do not have to look at interest rates with this method – just the cards with the smallest balance.

Once you have paid off the smallest balance, use that monthly payment to add to your next smallest balance. You can use any extra money that you receive to make these payments, as well. You continue to do this until all your credit cards are paid off.

  • Use Your Savings – If you already have savings built up, consider using the money you usually put into savings each month to pay your credit card debt. This will help you to pay for those cards quicker. Paying off the cards will save you more interest than you would make in the savings account.

You can also use your income tax refunds, raises from your job, or other extra money to pay off your debts. You want to get everything paid off as soon as you can, and this will help. Once you have paid off all your credit cards you can use the money for fun or savings again.

  • Debt Consolidation Loan – If all else fails and you still have major debt, you could apply for a debt consolidation loan. These loans will allow you to pay off all your debts at once and you would only have one smaller payment to make. This works well if you have a good credit history and credit score.

If you have poor credit, you can still get a debt consolidation loan, you will just have to pay a higher interest rate. This might still be better than having several credit cards with high-interest rates. It can still save you money each month from those high costs.

  • Refinance Your Mortgage – As a last resort, you could always refinance your mortgage. This is especially helpful if you have a good score. If you have a lower score, you might have to pay a higher interest.

Even if you have a higher interest rate, you will still be saving money each month. You will not have several different payments for your credit cards, you will just have one smaller monthly payment. This can help you to have more money each month.

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If you have many credit cards that have high interest rates you want to pay them off as soon as possible. There are many ways for you to do this, including the avalanche method and the snowball method. You could also get a personal loan to consolidate all your debt.

If you have any extra money coming in, you should use it to pay down your bills. This will help you to get rid of all the credit card bills that you have. Once you have paid them off completely, be careful of how you use them in the future.

You could put your cards away and only use them for real emergencies. These emergencies are not small things like you do not want to cook tonight so you use your card to order a pizza. Emergencies would be things like your car breaking down or a major appliance that stops working.