15 Best Teleprompter Apps to Try for Free

The Google Play store offers many teleprompter apps for Android. Some teleprompter apps even have the functionality to record video while prompting text on the screen.

Some of the apps are listed below, let’s check them out for your convenience.

Best Teleprompter Apps For Android

Here’s the list best Teleprompter apps to use in 2019 for Android and iOS users.

1. Simple Teleprompter

This app gives you an experience of using an actual teleprompter. When you open ‘Simple teleprompter‘ for the first time, you will see a white screen with a button that will ask you to ‘create a new document’. If you press that button it will give you two options, that is– import your script from Phone’s internal storage or paste it directly to the editor.

Now, the editor will have three buttons in total: Delete, Save/Start, and Settings. Tapping on delete would erase your loaded script from the app, whereas Setting gives you options like mirror text, to adjust the font size, line spacing and orientation. You can also check the auto start option which automatically starts the prompt once you press the start button. The scroll speed has 10 levels and you can choose it according to your comfort level.

The prompt can work well and it can be scrolled back if you fall behind or need to rush through.
With the help of Simple Teleprompter, however, there is one drawback that is, you cannot adjust the size and speed while it is running for that feature we have the next app in line.

You can Adjust Speed and Text size – Yes
You can adjust the text area – No
You also can Inbuilt Video recorder – No

This app is totally free, you can download it to know further.

2. Prompster

This app is another teleprompter app optimized for Android phones as well as tablets. Prompster is best for reciting speech and delivering it in front of a camera. You can also copy and edit your scripts on the onboard editor in the app. It accepts text files as import and adds multiple scripts at once. Now, when you move to the prompt screen, it shows you a few control buttons on the bottom.

Starting from the left side you can get buttons to control the size of the text and speed adjustment buttons on the right side. The Start button lies in the centre. You can adjust the size and speed during the run of the prompt which makes it actually easier to control and adjust according to the natural flow of the Speaker.

3. Parrot Teleprompter

This is a very famous app around the world which offers great products. They recently developed this app which went along with their accessories and even replaced other teleprompters. This is developed only by experienced players and it also makes sure that all the essential features are present. You can paste your script in the editor or connect your Dropbox that will sync your files automatically (txt). The scripts are listed in the scripts window and tapping on the title loads the prompt screen in the landscape position which you can try and lock for more accuracy. It shows you elapsed time and a play button in the middle.

The settings page contains the necessary options like text size and speed. You can also adjust the margins and enable the mirror mode.

You can Adjust Speed and Text size – Yes
You can adjust the text area – No
You also can also have an Inbuilt Video recorder – No

You can download Parrot Teleprompter for free.

4. PromptSmart Pro

PromptSmart Pro is in this list with an amazing feature Voice Track. This app’s layout is minimalistic and you can import your scripts from the cloud as well you can unlike the previous apps in the list.

You get speed adjustment, mirroring, plus you get a split-screen option which are all the standard features that make it easy to record your videos with a teleprompter. The margins can be set as close to the edge by keeping eye movements to a minimum, and also, maintaining the illusion that you will be delivering the lines naturally.

If you choose to enable the Voice Track in the settings option, the app would ask you to record your voice because the algorithm detects speech and scrolls the script as you read. It pauses the prompt as you stop to take a breath and continues from the position where it had left. This app alone has set it’s apart in the list, no other app has implemented this feature yet.

You can Adjust Speed and Text size – Yes
You can Adjust the text area – No
You also can have an Inbuilt Video recorder – Yes

You can even download PromptSmart Pro which is only $19.

5. Oratory

This app is probably the only app that gave a creative solution for teleprompter apps. It contains a popup feature that essentially draws over other apps. Oratory allows you to edit and highlight important parts of the script in the app and also saves it on the app itself. The opacity, font colour, and the background colour can also be changed according to your comfort.

Once you are done, you can press the Run button which is situated on the bottom. The widget pops up from the app and you are allowed to resize and even use it in the landscape mode(but only if your camera supports landscape recording). while the teleprompter plays over the camera app, you can use your phone and record

The recommended position while placing the widget on screen is closest to the camera so that when you’re reading the lines your eye movement can be reduced to a minimum.

You can Adjust Speed and Text size – Yes
You can adjust the text area – Yes
You also can have an Inbuilt Video recorder – No

You can download Oratory for free.

6. Selvi

Very few people know about this app even though it is not a new teleprompter app. The app is very intuitive and has many features to offer.

You can import your scripts from your cloud storage or you can also write a fresh script right on the app. It shows the number of words for every script right next to the title. You select a script to start the teleprompter interface. The teleprompter sits on the camera preview screen and displays the front camera. You can switch to the rear camera if you prefer it that way.

You can adjust the size of the teleprompter window if it obstructs the view. Although it is translucent and it blends in the UI.

You can swipe vertically to adjust the text size and speed horizontally, which is very efficient during a live session. Once you are done with the recording session all you need to do is, press the stop button and share the video on social media.

You can Adjust Speed and Text size – Yes
You can adjust the text area – Yes
You also can have an Inbuilt Video recorder – Yes

you can download Selvi for free.

7. OnCue Prompter

If you prefer to go the completely free route without paying for extra features, then take a look at OnCue Prompter. The app gives you the exact features you need in a teleprompter and couldn’t be easier to use

here are some important features that OnCue Prompter provides:

It can adjust settings for speed, font size, line spacing, and landscape or portrait mode quickly.

It also can enable external displays for Apple TV or VGA / HDMI adapters.

You can pause the scroll or enable free scroll at any time during the presentation right from the teleprompter screen

you can download OnCue Prompter for free which is available only for iPhone and iPad.

8. PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter

PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter is a great try-before-you-buy teleprompter app. Choose from 10 font sizes, create your script and press play to start the teleprompter, and enjoy a scrolling speed that works with your natural speech.

This teleprompter contains many features such as:

The Voice Track automatically scrolls the text on the screen as you talk. Which helps you to see and speak the words at your normal speaking pace.

The Digital notecards let you flip through your notes just like physical index cards in addition to the scrolling teleprompter feature.

You can easily save, edit, and share your scripts and note cards directly from the app.

This app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can download this app for free with a pro version which is available for additional scripts and features.

15 Free Teleprompter Apps For Android

Below is a list of Top Teleprompter apps to download for your Android device.

  1. Simple teleprompter
  2. Prompster
  3. Parrot Teleprompter
  4. PromptSmart Pro
  5. Oratory
  6. Selvi
  7. OnCue Prompter
  8. PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter
  9. Teleprompter Lite
  10. BigVu
  11. Pixaero Teleprompter
  12. Nano Teleprompter
  13. DV Prompter
  14. Capstone Teleprompter
  15. Video Teleprompter

Final Verdict

We really hope you have downloaded a Teleprompter App for android or iOS by now.

Let the know which is your favourite Teleprompter App in the comments below.