20 Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World [2021 Ranking]

PUBG Mobile is an insanely popular game. It has millions of players who daily jump into the battlefield to get better. Out of those millions of players, we are going to tell you who are the best PUBG Mobile players in the world currently. If you are interested to know about the best, so you can make them your idol and learn from them, this post is going to be a treat for you.

Here, I’m going to list the 2020 ranking of the best PUBG Mobile players in the world. This ranking is based on the stats, past tournaments, frags, and skill set of the individual players.

10 Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World in 2021

PUBG Mobile is a game of luck, skills, and strategies. The one who has got all three of them can constantly get ‘Chicken Dinners.’ There are millions of players from all across the globe who play the game daily but every player has different abilities and skills in the game. Out of all those players, there are some players who have mastered the game to a level where they are proclaimed as the best. We’ll introduce you to them below.

1. XQF Paraboy

XQF Paraboy A.K.A Zhu Bocheng is the GOD of PUBG Mobile competitive scenario. He is a Chinese player who currently plays for team X-Quest F. Paraboy’s domination in the domestic and international tournaments can be realized by the fact that he has been the MVP of almost every tournament that he played. Some major MVPs that he won was in the PMCO Global Finals (Spring Split) with 42 kills and becoming the 2nd top fragger in PEC.

Paraboy was previously a thumb player but now he is shifting to a 4-fingers claw setup. He has always been a full Gyroscope player. It doesn’t matter who you ask that the best PUBG Mobile player in the world is, he will surely tell Paraboy.

2. BTR Zuxxy & BTR Luxxy

BTR Zuxxy A.K.A Bagas Pramudita, and BTR Luxxy a.k.a Bagus Prabaswara are twin brothers who are known as PUBG Mobile beasts. These two players are from Indonesia and play for team BTR RA. Both of these prodigies have dominated every single PUBG Mobile tournament that they have played. Zuxxy was the MVP of PMCO Global (Fall Split) 2019, and Luxxy was the runner up with 2nd most number of kills.

Luxxy is especially known for Sniping while Zuxxy is a glorious assaulter. The duo holds the title for the youngest yet most skilled PUBG Mobile players in the world.

3. 4 AM 33Swanovo

4 AM 33Swannovo A.K.A Wu Hongsen is equally as great as Paraboy. The only reason that he isn’t number one on this list is that he is yet to play a PMCO Global Tournaments. Swanovo is another Chinese player who plays for Team 4 Angry Men. He was the ‘Top Fragger’ and the MVP of PEC 2019 held in China that XQF won. Swanovo and his team are especially known for the usage of throwables such as Frag Grenades and Molotov Cocktails.

This player is yet to rise in the global PUBG Mobile tournament (PEC was played on Game for Peace). But, we are cent percent sure that as soon as he plays one, he’ll definitely turn a lot of eyes with his insane skills and reflexes.

4. XQF Order

XQF Order A.K.A Cheng Zehai is another Chinese player from team XQF. He joined the roster to play alongside Paraboy in 2019 for PEL. Until then, he is one of the archenemies of the team. The addition of Order for XQF turned out divine. The team ranked 2nd in PEL and won the PEC finals. Order is a close-range beast and his synergy with Paraboy’s mid-range gameplay matches perfectly.

After Paraboy, Order picks up the most number of kills for XQF. This player is also yet to shine on the PUBG Mobile Global version but we definitely know that he’ll do it soon.

5. RRQ Earny

RRQ Earnny A.K.A Wachirawit Ramangkool is a Thailand PUBG Mobile player who plays for team RRQ Athena. Earnny earlier played for team EVOS Burnout and then joined RRQ Athena in January 2019. His addition to the team turned out remarkable and RRQ became an even better team. Earnny plays the ‘Entry Fragger’ role for his team and picks the maximum number of kills for his team.

This brilliant PUBG Mobile player not only relies on gunpower but also uses his intelligence to take down his opponents. He is a complete player with an amusing set of skills and game sense.

6. TSMxEntity Jonathan

TSMxEntity Jonathan A.K.A Jonathan Jude Amaral is the best Indian PUBG Mobile Player. He currently plays for team TSMxEntity and is the main assaulter for the team. Jonathan has the most amazing set of skills and he has proved his worth time and again for the team. He was among the Top 5 Fraggers of PMCO Global (Fall Split) 2019. Recently, he bagged 16 kills in a single PMIS 2020 Semifinals game. That is insane.

If Jonathan keeps improving at the pace that he is doing, he’ll soon become the best PUBG Mobile player in the world. He is an undefeatable close-range player who sprays like laser and snipes with full precision.

7. FaZe Bulshark

FaZe Bulshark A.K.A Ratchapol Maneerat is a PUBG Mobile player from Thailand who plays for Team FaZe. He previously played for team EVOS. Bulshark was one of the first PUBG Mobile players to reach the Conqueror tier. He dominated the game and its tournaments throughout 2018. Now with his new team, he is re-living his past glory and writing new achievements to his name every day.

Bulshark is a complete player who can play any role in the team. From assaulting to sniping, support to rushing, he knows everything and works it to perfection.

8. OR ScoutOP

OR ScoutOP A.K.A Tanmay Singh is an Indian PUBG Mobile player and streamer. He is an eSports athlete for team Orange Rock and works as a content creator for team Fnatic. Scout is the first Indian ‘Conqueror’ of PUBG Mobile. He has been playing the game since they launched the Chinese BETA version. Scout was the only Non-Chinese player in the ‘Top 10 Fraggers‘ list in PEC 2019. He also took 11 kills in a single PEC Finals game which is a world record.

Scout is the idol for millions of PUBG Mobile players in India. Everyone learns by watching him play. If you want to know what dedication is, he should surely watch this guy grinding.

9. C9 BeoWulf

C9 BeoWulf A.K.A Jack Schultz is an American PUBG Mobile player who plays for team Cloud9. BeoWulf is the IGL as well as an assaulter for his team. He is considered as the best PUBG Mobile player from America with a long list of achievements since 2018. He is the winner of the PMCO Fall Split: NA 2019 and was one of the top fraggers of the tournament. His team came 4th in the PEC 2019 as well as PMSC 2019.

If you want to learn PUBG Mobile, you should watch BeoWulf playing. He has been the benchmark of improvement for the players in South America and North America.

10. TQ Marco

TQ Marco A.K.A Marco Poppitti is a PUBG Mobile player from Uruguay who plays for Team Queso. Marco has been the key player for his team throughout their success in 2019. He was the ‘Top Fragger’ of PMCO Fall Split: SA Regional Qualifiers and among the top fraggers during the semis and finals also. Whoever watches Marco play gets impressed by his swift gameplay.

Marco has also proved himself on the international level during the PMCO Global Fall Split and Spring Split finals. He and his team were among the top-performing entities from South America.

Next 10 Best PUBG Mobile Players in the World

These are your next 10 best PUBG Mobile Players in the world who hold the 11th to 20th spot.

  • 4 AM Xinhe A.K.A Li He from China.
  • XQF Jimmy A.K.A Xu Yinjun from China.
  • TS uHigh A.K.A Muhammad Dhiya Ulhaq from Malaysia.
  • RRQ G9 A.K.A Pachachai Han from Thaialnd.
  • TQ Ayala A.K.A Gonzalo Ayala from Argentina.
  • OR DaljitSK A.K.A Daljit Singh from India.
  • MiTH OnLine24 A.K.A Aphicha Sonsakun from Thailand.
  • Uniq Yasha A.K.A Yan Shaban from Belarus.
  • TES kKsKr A.K.A Hao Yang from China.
  • C9 UnEeVen A.K.ATybalt Mallet from the USA.

Final Words

These are the 15 best PUBG Mobile players in the world right now. As the international PUBG Mobile tournaments are often dominated by Chinese and Southeast Asian teams, this list is also dominated by them. The players of other regions are yet to step up their game to compete with the players of these regions. However, players are regularly honing their skills with sheer dedication. The next year, this ranking could have a whole different look. But for now, these are the best PUBG Mobile players in the world.

That’s all for this post. If you have any questions or suggestions about it, you can reach us using the comment box. Also, don’t forget to tell us who is your favorite PUBG Mobile player. I have three- Scout, Paraboy, and Coffin.