16 Best IPTV Player for Windows in 2021 [Free List]

IPTV is revolutionizing the way people watch television. Now you can access a massive library of digital television services with the help of an IPTV Player for Windows. But, choosing the right one is the key to explore the core of entertainment.

If you want to know about the best options to use, this post is specially written for you. Here, I share 16 Best IPTV Players for Windows that will easily turn your PC into a live streaming device. 

So pick one and start enjoying live shows, movies and sports directly on your Windows.

16 Best IPTV Players for Windows

IPTV is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol Television. It is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) Networks. A client media player is required to play the content such as a live TV channel or anything else. This media player is known as an IPTV player. The whole process is termed as streaming media.

As digital television services and OTT platforms are becoming the main source for our entertainment, IPTV players are in demand for computers. So, if you have subscribed to any IPTV services, you will need an IPTV player to stream the media on your PC.

Here are the 16 best IPTV player for Windows PC that you can use to do that.

1. Kodi IPTV Add-on

Kodi is a complete repository that has a good range of add-ons for everything. It provides an IPTV add-on that you can use to make it work as an IPTV player for Windows. You can use the add-on for multiple devices like PC, Firestick, Android TV, and more. Kodi also provides you a good range of content through various digital services.

The user interface is very simple. Anyone can easily understand it. Even when you feel stuck at some point, you’ll have plenty of guides and tutorials to go through. You can even ask me if you need any help with it.

2. VLC

VLC is the most popular multimedia player for Windows. It is an open-source free cross-platform IPTV player that supports various file formats as well as streaming protocols. The streaming features VLC provides are vast and very capable. There are no ads, spyware, or any sort of tracking.

You can easily choose it to stream digital television on your computer screen. The user interface is also clean and self-explanatory. If you want to learn how to set up VLC for IPTV, visit here.

3. Plex

Plex is one more well-known IPTV player to stream live television online. This player is able to transcode any media file to prevent buffering and slow loading. So, you can get entertained without any interruptions. The user interface of this player is often talked about as somewhat plain. But, that wouldn’t be a problem.

The only considerable problem with  Plex is that it is not completely free. You’ll have to pay for the subscription. However, the money you spend on it will be worth it.

4. Simple TV

Simple TV is another pretty popular IPTV player for Windows. As the name suggests, it is simple and free to use. You can use it to watch TV shows and other multimedia content on your PC. You can even use it to listen to radio channels. The user interface is clean and well organized to help you easily browse through IPTV channels.

Simple TV even supports LUA script and many more, and you can download playlists created by other users. These are some of the notable features of this  IPTV player.

5. IP-TV Player

IP-TV Player is a great video player that works on VLC’s source code to allow you to tune into live television channels. It is compatible with all the mainstream video file formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, etc. It also provides playlists in M3U format, so you can easily have the live TV experience without any interruptions.

IP-TV Player even supports recording shows and taking screenshots of the scenes you like. You can control it by using your smartphone.

6. IPTV Smarters PC Version

IPTV Smarters were previously developed for Android and iOS but now they are available for Windows computers. You can use them to enjoy live TV, movies, series, and OTT on your PC. IPTV Smarters work on application-based Xtream codes.

The user interface is also clean, swift, and simple. You just need to enter your username, password, and several URL with ‘port’ in order to use them.

7. ProgDVB/ProgTV

ProgDVB/ProgTV is another great IPTV player for Windows. It is a universal app that allows you to watch digital television and listen to online radio channels. This app is built by two separate UI that work combined to provide an excellent user experience.

You can access its functions with a mouse as it is designed with HTPC (remote control) technology. You can stream all sorts of digital content and data types by using this app.

8. Free TV Player

Free TV Player is another great IPTV player for Windows. This software allows you to stream live TV channels, movies, and other digital content on your computer. You can even use to listen to your favorite online radio channels. It is available for multiple devices including PC, Xbox, Mobile, and more.

There are playlists available in M3U format to help you enjoy the seamless streaming experience. It is free, simple, and very useful.

9. GSE Smart IPTV

GSE Smart IPTV is a well known cross-platform IPTV player that is also available on Windows. You can install it to stream digital channels and TV shows on your PC. The user interface of this app is very friendly as it is primarily developed for Android and iOS devices.

It is compatible with all types of video file formats and data types. The streaming experience with this player is going to be brilliant.

10. MyIPTV Player

MyIPTV Player is a trusted media player with EPG to help you stream from IPTV channels. This app provides MPEG TS and HTTP Live Streaming support, so it automatically categorizes channels on the basis of channel data. You can even record the shows you want or take screenshots.

This app lets you load playlists in M3U format from local storage or remote source. You can stream and play any type of video or data file by using it.

Free IPTV Players in 2021

Here is the full list of all IPTV Players that you can download for Free.

  1. Kodi
  2. VLC
  3. Plex
  4. Simple TV
  5. IP-TV Player
  6. IPTV Smarters Pro
  7. ProgDVB/ProgTV
  8. Free TV Player
  9. GSE Smart IPTV
  10. MyIPTV
  11. Perfect Player for Windows
  12. OTTPlayer
  13. IPTV
  14. NetTV Plus
  15. ACG Player
  16. All Video Player HD

Final Take

The ways we get entertained have changed over time. The era of digital television over the internet is currently going on. Having IPTV Player for Windows can help you live through it. These are some of the best options to you. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite and why.

That’s all for this post. I hope it helps you enough. Feel free to use the comment box for any queries or suggestions.