Asobo introduces the beta version of Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 10

Sim Upgrade 10 will update Microsoft Flight Simulator. Asobo delayed this update to allow developers more time to fix bugs and quirks. 

Asobo is requesting community support with a new beta. The Sim Update 10 beta’s goals are to “check stability and performance enhancements,” “confirm that the release notes are correct,” and “identify code-related regressions.”

Asobo hunts big and little bugs. It asks beta testers to “report any substantial live version regressions.”


Through the Xbox Insider Hub app, users may join the beta. Participants include Steam users. Asobo’s forum post has further details.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 10 arrives on August 23, barring further delays. It will contain enhanced DX12 implementation, Nvidia DLSS compatibility, cloud layer enhancements, and more.

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Smoothing out the sky

This requirement for meticulousness is why Sim Update 10 was postponed.

As noted, the aim is a seamless upgrade rollout. The previous version, Sim Update 9, caused framerate issues, stuttering, and crash-to-desktops.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s upgrades address some problems but create others. Asobo has stopped releasing a big update every month. Instead, it wants teams to assure consistency and quality.