All You Need To Know About COD Mobile Garena

COD Mobile Garena: Call of Duty is a popular first-person shooter game on smartphones. 

The game’s launch was met with tremendous excitement, gaining more than 148 million downloads during one month. 

Since the game’s launch, COD Mobile has gathered one of the most prominent players’ bases anywhere worldwide. 

If you’re a part of CODM’s CODM community or follow this game, you may have heard COD Mobile Garena used.

 Have you ever wondered what it was? Are you playing a completely different game? 

Are you referring to an expansion pack for the game? 

We’ll be able to answer your questions in the following section.

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COD Mobile Garena: What Is It?

COD Mobile is a massively well-known game. 

But, its popularity has also caused COD Mobile to be subjected to intense investigation.

 In many cases, they can remove games for violating a nation’s laws. This has happened before with PUBG. 

The game was banned in several countries due to concerns about data breaches. 

To avoid such issues, COD Mobile has come up with Global and Garena versions.

They’re two different versions of the identical game with minor content differences. 

The main distinction lies in that game is only available to Southeast Asia (except Vietnam). 

Garena publishes it; in addition, most of the world can access the Global version, which Activision releases.

 But, Vietnam, Belgium, and China cannot access COD Mobile in any form.

 COD Mobile is because China has strict regulations for video games, and Belgium has gambling laws. 

Since CODM offers crates to give random rewards to players, it’s illegal gambling within the country.

Where To Play COD Mobile Garena?

People in Southeast Asian countries can enjoy the Garena version of COD Mobile.

 To play, it is easy to download the game from either the Apple iStore or the Google Play Store according to their device. 

Keep at heart that if you reside in a Southeast Asian country, you cannot use this Global variant of this game.

 In the same way, players from other regions of the globe cannot participate in the Garena variation in the same game.

 The players from both zones cannot compete because of server differences.