How to Get Poppy In Dying Light 2

Get Poppy In Dying Light 2: Crafting is an essential aspect of the Techland Dying Light 2 experience; knowing where you can get certain items will ensure you’re never stuck in crafting.

 If you’re planning to go into the night and need a nutritious supply of immune boosters, This is how to obtain the poppy you need within Dying Light 2 to meet every crafting need.

How to Get Poppy in Dying Light 2

At the beginning of the game, NPCs will introduce players to rooftops, specifical ones with tall yellow trees full of valuable materials. 

Once you’re able to move around freely in the city, you’ll be able to see a variety of such rooftops spread all over The City.

If you go to any of these locations, you’ll not only get a reliable source of Honey, Chamomile, Feathers Resin, Lavender, and Chamomile There will also be other more rare substances, like Poppy. 

It is also possible to get Cordyceps in specific locations too.

How to Gather and Use Poppy

  1. Find rooftop groves by using the distinctive tall yellow trees.
  2. Gather Poppy This is a red-colored plant when you press the square button while standing in its vicinity.
  3. Use poppy and other substances such as Honey, Chamomile, and others to make valuable things like Enhancer of Regeneration.

It is also possible that you’ll have to make progress in The main plot before seeing the poppy appear within Dying Light 2. 

Keep an eye at the groves that are on the roofs, and you’ll have plenty of poppy within no time.

This is all you are aware of about obtaining poppies to get it in Dying Light 2.