How to Get Noble’s Slender Sword in Elden Ring

Noble’s Slender Sword in Elden Ring: The noble’s slender Sword is just as difficult to acquire inside the Elden Ring as it is efficient – so here’s how to farm your enemies to be able to acquire one!

The choice of a weapon for the Elden Ring is a struggle. It is so difficult to choose the available weapons types that there are many good options for any game.

It’s not the most glamorous weapon, but many Elden Ring gamers affirm that Noble’s Slender Sword is the best weapon currently available! It’s probably not the situation for all players, but cannot beat it for a specific style of play!

Here’s why you should check using Noble’s Slender sword in the game and how you can acquire it!

Is the Noble’s Slender Sword Good in Elden Ring?

Although it may not be included as a weapon on the list of the top Dexterity weapons available in Elden Ring, the Noble’s Slender Sword is extremely effective for specific types of games.

The 110 Critical Damage scaling makes it ideal for those who want to backstab and parries. However, it also has an extremely long reach, unlike other high-crit weapons.

You could also get an insanely robust Ashes of War like the devastating bleeding damages from Seppuku and the boss-smiling Bloody Slash to the Noble’s Slim Sword.

Even when you don’t intend to use parries, it’s an extremely effective weapon with almost every build type. This is because of its minimal requirements: eight Strength and eleven Dexterity.

How to Get the Sword – Best Farming Location

  • The Noble’s Slender Sword in the game is a rare drop from Wandering Nobles.
  • Although they are available in Limgrave, the most ideal place to cultivate them is close to the Debate Parlor Site at Grace in Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • When you’re there, get the famous Radagon’s Icon Talisman too!
  • When you leave the Grace, take a left, and you’ll spot two Wandering Nobles weeding.
  • You then can head up the steps to take down the nobles.
  • Also, make sure to keep an eye on the courtyard’s ground to find more wandering Nobles to be killed.
  • If your swordfarming doesn’t work, you can take a rest on the Site of Grace again to help the enemies reset.
  • Pro Tips: Use items like those of the Silver Scarab Talisman or Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot to boost the number of discovered items.
  • Repeat the process until you’ve got Noble’s, Slender Sword. It may take a while since this item is very uncommon!

Try your best to find this Noble Slender Sword from Elden Ring! It could take some time, but it’s definitely worth the effort and time!