8 Benefits Of Having A Fireplace In Your Family Room

A fireplace isn’t essential, but it has many benefits that can transform the room into a more desirable and pleasant place to spend time. Whether you purchase a gas, electric, or another type of fireplace, you will discover so many benefits to your fireplace, you’ll wonder how you lived without it!

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It Keeps You Warm

Woodburning and gas fireplaces keep your family room warm. This is space-specific heat that allows heating the room where you spend so much time. That way, there’s no need to turn up the thermostat and warm-up rooms that aren’t being used.

Saves Electricity

We all know that electricity is rising in cost, so it helps heat the home with gas or wood in winter. Many homeowners discover they can reduce their winter heating bills by at least 15%, and sometimes more.

Even if you install an electric unit, it will still increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Perfect For Any Family Room

Suppose you have a small family room, no worries. There are so many sizes of fireplace that it will be a breeze to find the perfect size. Even if you get a small fireplace, you will still love how it warms and transforms the room.

It’s essential to consider the size of the room before you buy a fireplace, though. Imagine going to the trouble of installing a fireplace in the room, only to find out it’s too big or small. That’s why you should rely on a fireplace consultant to help find the perfect fireplace for your space.

Lovely Decor and Ambience

A warm, attractive fireplace makes people want to stand nearby, especially when it’s winter. When you have guests over, they will head towards the fire, and that’s even more common during the holiday season.

An attractive fireplace and hearth will make the family room cozy and inviting even when you don’t have guests over. Just take a break by the fireplace after a hard day and feel the stress melt away.

Use It All Year

If you install an electric unit, you can enjoy the fireplace in warm or cold weather. Even summer nights in northern climates can be chilly, and even more so in the early fall.

Use Old Wood

If you put in a wood-burning fireplace, you can burn any wood you have lying around inside or outside the home. If the electricity goes out suddenly, there are no worries about relying on electric heat to stay warm.

This is an important consideration if you reside in a place with more natural disasters; a wood-burning fireplace can keep you warm and comfortable if the power fails for days or weeks at a time.

Increases Home Value

Studies suggest homes that have a fireplace in the family room can fetch a higher price. For example, one study states some buyers will pay at least $1,000 more if the home boasts a fireplace.

Another study suggests some buyers will pay at least $2,000 extra for a home with a wood-burning fireplace.

Attractive Aroma

A wood-burning fireplace has a distinctive, pleasant aroma that most of us know. While a gas or electric fireplace both have advantages, you just can’t beat the smell of real wood.

Different types of woods have different aromas; cherry wood has a fruity and sweet smell, while hickory is heartier.

As far as which has the best aroma, it depends on you. Some like how cherry smells, while others prefer oak or hickory.

Installing a fireplace in the family room will add ambiance and value to the home, so it’s usually worth the time and expense.