Nobody Saves the World: How to Get Rank A Forms

To gain access to the Monk or Rogue forms in Nobody Saves the World, players must complete certain Forms up to rank A.

Some players may be unable to reach Rank B with their Forms because they’ve run out of the quests required to continue leveling them up.

However, it is possible to gain more Form quests within “Nobody Saves the World and can propel Forms to rank A, and higher The guide below explains the procedure for doing this.

Nobody Saves the World: How to Reach A Rank

The players who want to raise the Nobody saves form to the WorldForms in rank A, but don’t have the required quests, must focus on the form quests.

 They serve as the game’s primary mission, and players will unlock more Form quests once they have reached a certain point within it.

 Notably, more Form quests will be available once the initial three Gem Shards are delivered to Octavia’s Lab and are a significant scene in the game’s story.

Before they can take their Gem Shards to Octavia’s Laboratory, They must clear 3 Legendary Dungeons and collect them. 

These Legendary Dungeons are the Grand Castle, The Ancient Robot, and the Witch Queen Catacombs, and they are somewhat tricky. 

If you’re having difficulty getting those Gem Shards through these caves, they might need to ask someone else for help or make use of Nobody saves the World‘s multiplayer feature.

After all that, it is essential to remember the existence of two forms that offer unique routes towards Rank A and also Rank S in turn.

These are the forms of Nobody and the Egg. 

While players will reach Level A in the former just by moving in the narrative, it isn’t the case with the second.

This is because players have to find Nests within the game Nobody Saves the World to take the Egg to its highest levels, and, likely, you will not be able to access the nests.

Another thing to note is that players can beat Nobody saves The World even without having all of their Forms to rank A or unlocking the Forms high up in the tree.

However, there are plenty of advantages to increasing the level of Forms, and it is suggested to continue pursuing goals and earning the FP. 

This guide hopefully clarifies the procedure and will allow players to realize the full potential of their Forms.

Nobody Saves the World is out now for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.