How To Use Grease On Weapons in Elden Ring?

Use Grease On Weapons in Elden Ring: Grease is an essential item that can find inside Elden Ring. With it, you can boost the power of your weapon by coating the weapons with grease. For many gamers, it’s simply another item with no particular purpose or usage. 

This article will show you why grease is essential and how to utilize it to enhance your weapon.

How to Use Grease on Weapons in Elden Ring?

To use Grease Elden Ring, you must first set it up. To do this, visit equipment and then click on any Quick Access Slots. This will open to the stock of the equipment

Look at the Grease you might have gathered while traveling through The Lands Between.

Choose the grease you want to use and then select the option to add it. By doing this, you will be able to place the selected grease into the slot for quick access. 

Once you’ve got it in, you’ll have to hit the “X” button to add the grease to the weapon. You’ll notice an animated clip where your person coats their weapon in the grease you have selected when you’ve done that. 

That’s all there is to it. These easy actions are everything you need to grease your weapon and cause destruction.

You’ll be happy to learn that the game includes a variety of grease. Let’s look them up.

What are the different kinds of Grease?

  • Shield Grease
  • Holy Grease
  • Freezing Grease
  • Fire Grease
  • Rot Grease
  • Dragonwound Grease
  • Magic Grease
  • Drawstring Fire Grease
  • Poison Grease
  • Lightning Grease
  • Sporific Grease
  • Blood Grease

So there you go. This is all there is to know about Grease and how to utilize it on Elden Ring weapons. As you can see, it’s pretty easy. Don’t ignore grease in the game the next time you see it!