3 Tips to Use Online Animation Software for Making Lyric Videos – You Can’t-Miss

Creating engaging music videos does not have to cost a fortune. In some cases, it may not even cost anything. In other words, you can make video animation online for free by using an online animation software tool.

The best part is they are easy to create and offer your audience the extra benefit of learning the music lyrics as they groove to your catchy music. So, how do you make lyric videos with an online animation software tool without any animation experience?

That is what this post is about. We will look at the best online animation software to use, how to use it, and tips to help you create a show-stopping lyric video.

How to Make Lyric Videos using Doratoon

So, the first step is to choose your lyric video maker, and we recommend the Duration.

Doratoon is a feature-rich free animation software tool with a powerful editing toolkit. It is super-easy to use, and you can make a lyric video in minutes without any previous experience or skills.

You will find thousands of templates to choose from and millions of stock images, video clips, fonts, colors, text styles, and more. All these will help you create a stunning free animation lyric video.

Step-by-step Guide to Using Doratoon for making Lyric Videos

Step 1: Visit the Doratoon official website and create a free account with your email address.

Step 2: Select a pre-animated template from the template library.

Step 3: Use the editing tool to customize the template. You can import your lyrics and music, select images from the library, or import your images. You can do a lot with the intuitive editing tools on Doratoon.

Step 4: Preview the video you created and download it to your device.

That is how easy it is to use the best lyric video maker – Doratoon. You do not need any animation experience or expertise to create your first lyric video. Everything you need is available on the platform. You only need to import your music and lyrics, and you can explore everything else in the software.

Why do we recommend Doratoon Software?

There are dozens of other free animation software online you can explore. So, what makes Doratoon stand out? Why do we recommend this tool for making your lyric videos? There are many reasons we recommend this tool.

First, it is super-easy to use, making it the ideal choice for beginners in animation projects. Second, you can use it for free. While it has subscription packages, it also allows users to use the tool for free to create animated videos. Third, it has millions of digital assets with exceptional features.

Unique Features of Doratoon

Doratoon has several features, but we will only mention a few in this post. The unique features of this powerful animation-free tool include:

  • A Large Collection of Customizable Templates

With Doratoon, you do not have to create your lyric video from scratch. The platform offers thousands of pre-animated templates you can choose from. You can edit any of these templates and add your music and lyrics.

You can also explore the millions of royalty-free design assets, such as stock images, 2D and 3D background images, stock props, and more, to create your video.

  • An Extensive Library of Animated Characters

You can add texture and life to your lyric videos with animated characters. This makes your video looks original and more fun to watch. Doratoon has more than a thousand animated characters and over 8000 facial expressions and actions you can explore. Everything you need to create an attractive and compelling lyric video is available in Doratoon software.

  • Text-to-Speech

One big reason for creating a lyric video is to help your audience learn your lyrics and music by heart. Doratoon makes this possible with the text-to-speech feature. This tool, with automatic song lyrics recognition, aligns the music with the lyrics. With this, your listener can see each lyric being sung and can sing along with you as they watch the lyrics.

There is so much you can do with your lyric videos using Doratoon. You will find a plethora of color collections, transition and animation styles, font types, background images, themes, and much more.

Top 3 Tips for Making Lyric Videos with Online Animation Software

While the free animation software online offers everything you need to create your lyric videos, there are tips to use to make your videos great. Here are three pro tips for creating attention-grabbing lyric videos.

Include Overlays in your Lyric Videos

Lyric videos give you the freedom to stylize your video to complement the song’s mode. To do this, consider adding overlays.

You can add them to some parts of the video or the whole song. Adding overlays helps you to add a striking visual interest to keep the viewers captivated. Doratoon offers loads of effects and overlays you can add to create stunning videos.

Experiment with Word Pacing

Rather than have each stanza or one sentence in one frame, you can edit the lyrics and align them with the beat. With this, you can have each word appear with each beat. This adds aesthetic appeal and a better understanding of your lyrics.

You may also want to play around with font styles and colors to give your video a better effect. Check out the collection of fonts, font sizes, and colors on Doratoon and experiment with different options. You will find the perfect style to suit your taste and appeal to your audience.

Use Video Montages with Still Images

Instead of having still images on each frame of your lyric video, you can combine them with video montages. Doratoon has millions of stock video clips and images. You will find the perfect one to suit your song theme and design concept. When you add video montages, you create a more engaging and attractive visual experience for your viewers.

Use Doratoon to make Lyric Videos.

Making lyric videos can seem like a daunting task for beginners because you often do not know where to start. Using Doratoon takes away the confusion and challenge because everything you need to make a creative lyric video is available on the platform. Are you ready to make your first lyric video? Visit Doratoon official site to make video animation online now!