YouTube adds Like, Dislike, and Other Buttons for the full-screen video player.

YouTube adds Like, Dislike: YouTube has introduced new user interface (UI) buttons to the Android and iOS apps.

New UI elements are available in full-screen mode in mobile apps.

It is believed to be a server-side feature since there is no update to the app is accessible on the respective store as of the writing time.

The UI elements have buttons for liking or disliking the video, adding comments, and many more. YouTube’s brand new video player elements of the user interface are expected to make interaction with videos more enjoyable than ever previously.

According to the tipster Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24), YouTube has added new buttons for the video player’s UI for their Android and iOS applications.

These buttons include shortcuts for like comments, dislikes, likes, save to playlists, and share.

The buttons appear in the left-hand corner of the player when it is in full-screen mode.

Gadgets 360 independently tested the latest UI elements available for YouTube with the Android 11.3 smartphone running the version 17.03.35 of the application.

Because these updated UI buttons are visible on Android, it’s reasonable to believe that iOS users are likely to access the latest full-screen video player.

However, these updated UI features were not apparent to a few iOS users in this team.

These new UI elements will give users more freedom when engaging with a video.

The users will no longer have to minimize the full-screen video player to rate, dislike or even comment on the content of a video.

In addition, the updated UI controls make it easier to add the videos to their playlists or even share them with others directly through the full-screen video player.