Yelan Farming Guide Genshin Impact

Yelan Farming Guide Genshin Impact: You can choose from a more significant number of characters in Genshin Impact. Yelan, a five-star Hydro-bow user, is a support unit and a DPS. To get the most out of Yelan, you’ll need to cultivate it.

Cost of Yellen ascension

You’ll need these items to get Yelan to level 90.

Where Can I Get Starconch?

Liyue’s beaches are full of starconch. These can be found on the beaches of Yaoguang Shoaland in Guyun Stone Forest. This item is easy to find because you can run along the shore and pick them up without fear of being attacked.

Yelan Farming Guide Genshin Impact

How to Get Insignia

Insignia is a character from the game’s past who may find in Fatui. Skirmishes, on the other hand, are known to drop them. Skirmishers can be found near Dragonspine’s base and Liyue, especially in the Lisha region.

What is the location of Rune Fangs?

The Rune Serpent can provide you with Rune Fangs. He may find in The Chasm. To reach the Rune Serpent, you must first open the underground area of The Chasm. You can now farm him for Rune Fangs if you complete this task.

Cost of Yellen’s talent

This is how you can improve Yellen’s abilities.

Where can I receive Crowns of Insight and Prosperity Scrolls?

Prosperity Scrolls can purchase in the Taishan Mansion on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Crown of Insights might be complex because they can’t obtain via events or the Sacred Sakura Tree. Crown of Insights is a rare artefact, so choose your recipients carefully.

Where can I find Gilded Scales?

Azhdaha, the weekly boss, can provide you with gilded scales. They are unlock via Zhongli’s second task. Azhdaha is easy to farm, especially if you have a shield character. He can also run in co-op mode.