Xbox Reveals New Controller With a Unique Gimmick

Xbox has been providing fans with a wide range of alternatives to choose from when it comes to special controller modifications.

Even though other businesses offer many third-party controller alternatives, Microsoft has also made many inventive and gimmicky console controller variations.

This includes variants with vibrant pride-themed graphics and the downright weird fuzzy controllers based on Sonic and Knuckles, which surprised many fans.

Another gimmicky controller version has been made public, this time in conjunction with the release of the song “Bad Decisions,” which is a cross-promotion.

Surprisingly, the hit K-Pop supergroup BTS, American music producer Benny Blanco, and rapper Snoop Dog collaborated on the song “Bad Decisions.”

The flirtatious dance tune, which also has a music video, was released earlier this week.

Xbox is allowing fans to win a controller inspired by this song, complete with a special feature that allows it to sing, in honor of the debut of this song.

More precisely, this is an Xbox controller modified to match the Bad Decisions single’s color scheme of crimson red with white control sticks and a D-pad.

The buttons are ordinary black. The single’s logo is imprinted across the controller’s center, while the musicians’ names are inscribed towards the bottom.

It also has a built-in speaker on the rear, and by pressing a certain button, the player may start the music playing via the speaker.

However, this controller is not typically available and can only be won via this particular Xbox giveaway competition.

This is a sought-after item for BTS fans since it has a distinctive controller. Fans following the Xbox Twitter account and then QRT the original tweet with the hashtag #BadDecisionsSongXboxSweepstakes included are eligible to win this item.

The entry period for this contest is from August 4 at 9 PM PST through August 25, when submissions must be received by 6 PM PST. To be eligible to win, fans must also be at least 18 years old.

A special car for Forza Horizon 5’s garage that is likely similarly inspired by this song and will have the same color scheme is also mentioned in the tweet.

Fans of K-Pop and Xbox rushed to the tweet, many of whom expressed excitement at the potential to win a special piece of Xbox gear that is also connected to their preferred musical ensemble.