Will OnePlus Replace OxygenOS?

OnePlus Replace OxygenOS: A recent OnePlus and Oppo merging have led to the continuous development of a united skin based on both companies’ Android skins: OxygenOS and ColorOS.

 The complete OxygenOS-ColosOS integration is not yet full, but after this is completed, the two companies will likely find an alternative name. 

Recent rumors about this suggest an OxygenOS-ColosOS unified skin name; however, we’re not sure when it will be implemented.

OxygenOS -> H2O OS, Is It?

The well-known tipper Mukul Sharma (aka stuff listings) has shared a trademark application to trademark “H2O OS” issued by OnePlus. 

This could indicate that OnePlus may name the OxygenOS-ColorOS skin the”H2O OS”.

It could be combined with OnePlus’ OS names: OxygenOS (for global markets) and HydrogenOS (for China).

It turns out that it may be tough to make this claim become a fact. 

The rumor suggests that even though the trademark application exists and is genuine, however, it was filed almost seven years ago. 

This is more like OnePlus considering its HydrogenOS brand name as H2O OS; however, that has never occurred.

 For those who aren’t aware, since the partnership of OnePlus and Oppo, HydrogenOS no longer exists and was changed with ColorOS on the mainland of China.

It’s worth noting that there’s a possibility OnePlus could adopt H2O OS as their H2O OS brand name. 

There’s still a slight possibility! If it’s the case, the possibility of an eventual names change can be likely. 

It could apply to the two brands, OnePlus and Oppo phones, which means that the phones compatible with the uni-directional OS update will experience changes in the names.

There’s still no indication of the date when this announcement will take place. 

OnePlus could announce some specifics during the OnePlus 10 Pro’s global launch by taking this information with a grain of salt.

We’ll keep you updated on the specifics to come, so keep checking back.

 Let us know your thoughts regarding the possibility of OxygenOS name changes in the comments below.