Why is Free Fire not Working Today?

Free Fire not Working: Free Fire is a hugely popular game with a large player base. The majority of Free Fire players can enjoy the game without interruption, but there are times when it has to be interrupted. 

Free Fire currently has issues and is not working. Do you have the same problem? Continue reading to learn why Free Fire does not work today.

This is why free fire doesn’t work today.

Free Fire is not working right now because of a simple reason. However, there is scheduled maintenance and an OB32 update. 

Free Firee is currently offline, but players don’t need to worry. 

The game will soon return online. Server maintenance usually lasts only a few hours.

Garena Free Fire raised the issue via Facebook. The message read, “Dear survivors!” Unfortunately, we are closing our servers for maintenance. 

Tomorrow’s server upgrade will occur between 9:30 am and 5:00 pm (IST). You will not be allowed to play during this upgrade, but you can continue playing the game as usual once the patch is complete.

Enjoy some of the most exciting features yet! We have many more features in the future, so please update the game. Then come back when it’s done.

 We appreciate your patience and understanding.

This will assure players that the problem is not an unplanned one. After that, the only thing a player can do is wait for the servers back online. 

Expect a lot more character and better weapon balances with the OB32 update. 

Players can also expect an updated clash squad map with an Alpine map. 

The new update may offer some clues as to what players can expect. These include buffs for Skyler and Olivia as well as Xayne. 

This update will also nerf Maxim.