Where To Find Map Fragments In Elden Ring

Where To Find Map Fragments: Map fragments are essential items in Elden Ring. Without them, you won’t see the whole map for a particular region.

There are pillars with glowing text that you will come across. Unlocking them will help you get map fragments.

If you want to go around the vast map in the game, you’ll need fragments to do that. However, it can be more challenging to find them than you think.

 Here, we’ll show you what you need to do to get these fragments for each place on the map. 

For you, we have just the guide you need.

Where to Find Map Fragments in Elden Ring?

Limgrave West Map Fragments in Elden Ring

When you go to the center of the Gatehouse Ruins Camp, you need to pick up a piece of the map from the body of a pillar there.

Limgrave East Map Fragments in Elden Ring

By going through Mistwood, you can go to the south and then turn around. There is a map piece that you can find near the Erdtree.

Weeping Peninsula Map Fragments in Elden Ring

There is a map location in Elden Ring called the Weeping Peninsula. 

You can get there by walking across the Bridge of Sacrifice and then moving to the south. People who go there will see a castle in the distance as they go. 

Once you know the court, look for the map pillar on the right side of the road. When you do this, be careful of the Ruin Golem Archer.


Keep going to the right when you get to the Site of Grace at the Rotview Balcony.

 Keep going east. Soon, the road will start to move toward and past the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace.

 Then, the road will go back to the east. You will find the map pillar for the fragments after you pass the dragon that isn’t moving at the moment.


The Rotview Baclony Site of Grace is in East Limgrave. Keep going east when you get to the site. When you get to Dragonbarrow West, keep going east until you get to the Site of Grace. Toward the eastern road, you will find a post for the fragments.

East Liurnia

From the Site of Grace, head west to the Lake-Facing Cliffs. A soldier camp is on your way. You need to get past it and keep going until you get to the spot where Grace is found on the shores of Liurnia Lake. It would help if you went down the waterlogged road until you reach the map fragments pillar when you get to this point.

North Liurnia

Go to the Site of Grace at the Academy Gate Town. This is where you can get to the Academy. When you get to this point, move to the northwest from the shore of Lake Liurnia’s Site of Grace. Keep moving until you get to the sunken gate academy town on your right, which is on your left. This road is full of enemies who will try to hurt you, so be careful.

West Liurnia

Keep going on the road that runs the whole length of West Liurnia and keep going. As you make your way down this road, you will see the Four Belfries, the military camp, and the convoy as you go by them. You will reach the spot where the Elden Ring map fragments pillar is as you keep going.

Altus Plateau

On the road to the Altus Plateau, you need to move after getting both Dectus Medallion halves. Head right at a fork in the street and keep going until you see the fragments map pillar on your left. Keep going until you see it.

Mount Gelmir

In Elden Ring, it’s a little hard to get to this map pillar, but you can get there. It’s hard to get there because the bridge you usually have to cross is broken.

To keep moving from the Site of Grace to the Bridge of Iniquity, you need to look for stairs.

 It would help if you climbed it when you find one. Then, keep going until you reach the soldier camp with the siege tower.

 Towards the end, you’ll see a spot where you can jump from to reach the next cliff.

 There are both the grafted Scion and the puppet enemies you need to look out for as you keep climbing your ladder to get to the top of the cliff face ahead of you.

It would help if you kept going until you got to the soldier camp as you climbed. You can head left when you get to the base. Cross the wooden rope bridge.

 Jump to the boss crater with the help of the Spirit Spring. Then, go to the rocky outcrop to the west and cross the gap.

It would help if you kept going down until you got to the map pillar and the Site of Grace at the Road of Iniquity.

Leyndell Royal Capital

Tree Sentinels will greet you as you go up the stairs and into the city. After that, you’ll see a Site of Grace, an Elden Ring map fragment piece, and a golden sapling.

Siofra River

If you want to find this map pillar, you need to go into the Mist Wood.

 From here, you need to keep going down into the ground. You’ll then need to take a lift and get past the giant crab. 

Do this next. It would help if you kept going when you got to the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. 

In this case, you’ll need to move to the east, pass the column, and look for a body lying next to the steps of the temple. Here, you’ll find the map.

West Mountaintops of the Giants

As you move along a path near the Grand Life of Rold, keep going.

 You will see the map pillar on the right side of this track when you get there.

East Mountaintops Map Fragments in Elden Ring

Go south from the Site of Grace on Whiteridge Road and through the fort to get to the south.

 People who want to cross the chain bridge should do so. The map pillar will be there when they get there.

So that’s it. As you can see, there are a lot of places where these pillars can be found. 

Map fragment pillars can be found at these places in Elden Ring. 

You will find sites that are both easy and hard to get to.

We’ve put together a guide to all the map pillars in Elden Ring now that you know where they are, so check it out!