Where to Find Helicopters In Fortnite

Find Helicopters In Fortnite: Choppas (helicopters in Fortnite) may now be found around the island, but only in five specified areas, thanks to Fortnite gamers paying enough gold bars. 

The Choppas will come in handy for getting about the map more quickly. Although the helicopters cannot fire missiles or harm opponents, they are excellent for transportation. Any player may operate these vehicles, and they can also transport a complete squad.

Choppas may be found in five different locations in Chapter 3, Season 2 map, as previously noted.

Helicopter Locations in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

The five Choppa locations in Fortnite are easily found in the Seven Outposts, notably Seven Outpost 1 through Seven Outpost 5.

  • Seven Outpost 4: The first Choppa is located at Seven Outpost 4. It’s south of Condo Canyon, east of Chonker’s Speedway. It is located right in the middle, so players shouldn’t find it.
  • Seven Outpost 3 Seven Outpost 3 Seven Outpost 3 Seven Outpost 3 is located northeast of The Daily Bugle, close to some craters. The Choppa will be located outside the Outpost close to the western “entrance.”
  • Seven Outpost 1 – Go southwest from Greasy Grove to see Seven Outpost 1 close to some craters. The Choppa will be located behind the main building, near some trees.
  • Seven Outpost 5 Look west from Command Cavern to see a long winding stream –the Outpost lies northwest of that river. The choppa can find in the middle.
  • Seven Outpost 2 Seven Outpost 2 is located on a mountain northeast of Logjam Lumberyard. Behind the main building is the Choppa.

What does the Choppa do?

There isn’t much that Fortnite players need to know about the Choppa’s powers. It can’t fire missiles or other long-range weaponry; therefore, it’s mainly useful for getting across the battlefield or transporting the crew away from the Storm.

It’s worth mentioning that the Choppa operates on gas, so players should keep an eye on their gas use. The Choppa can also boost, similar to how some of Fortnite’s ground vehicles do.