Where to Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft

Find and Tame Allays in Minecraft: With the latest Wild Update, Allays has finally been brought to the world of Minecraft. These friendly critters are adorable, but they can also gather goods for you across the area. If you want to get your hands on some, here’s how to locate and tame Allays in Minecraft.

In Minecraft, where can you find Allays?

Allays may be found in Pillager Outposts and the Woodland Mansion. To find these structures, players will have to look around the map. 

Use the ‘/locate’ command and enter in mansion or ‘pillager outpost’ for an easier method. 

This method gives you the coordinates for these landmarks, allowing you to focus on a specific goal.

When you get to these sites, look for a jail where the animals are imprisoned. A Pillager Outpost, for example, entraps Allays in a dark-oak cage, as depicted here:

The cage may be dismantled and the animals freed with an Axe. To discover the Allays in the Woodland Mansion, you’ll have to look through each room carefully. Once you reach a smaller chamber with an Iron Door, you should be able to find them.

Because the structure is so large, you may also utilize your sense of hearing to locate it. 

You’ll be able to hear the creature’s high-pitched noises if you listen intently, which will assist you in your quest.

You could get fortunate and come upon a swarm of them in many cells. Find a lever to unlock the entrance or shatter the Cobblestone with a Pickaxe to aid the critters’ escape.

How to Tame Allays in Minecraft

It’s time to tame the Allays now that you’ve released them. Take any item from your inventory and give it to the monster. 

This object doesn’t have to be anything special: a stick, a flower, or anything else. 

After you’ve done this, the Allay will follow you while clutching the object you’ve given them.

You won’t be able to damage them now that you’ve tamed them since you’re their owner. 

You must, however, keep the Allay safe by protecting it from threats and avoiding water (Allays are unable to swim). 

Empty your character’s hand and remove the creature’s item if you don’t want it to accompany you any longer.