WhatsApp Group Polls Feature Seen in Development on the Most Recent iOS Beta

WhatsApp Group Polls Feature: Whatsapp is developing a new feature that could allow users to make polls in group chats, says a popular feature tracker for the service.

A few new features are being worked on by the world’s most popular messaging service, but they haven’t yet been made available to beta testers.

These include the ability to respond to specific messages with emojis. Group polls are already open in other messaging apps, like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Threema.

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They could also be added to an upcoming version of WhatsApp.

It was found that a new group polls feature was being worked on in the latest beta version of WhatsApp for iOS by a feature leaker called WABetaInfo.

Users can’t use the quality even on WhatsApp’s most recent beta version for iOS because it is still being worked on.

When the feature is released, the feature tracker will show users how to add a new poll to a group on WhatsApp for iOS, giving them a sense of how the new feature will look when it’s done.

Whatsapp will ask you to write down the question for the poll when you start a new group poll.

Users may be asked to add poll options later, but it isn’t clear whether group administrators will be able to change the poll options, how long the polls will last, or how many poll options can be added.

According to the feature tracker, like messages, attachments, and calls made on WhatsApp, the new group polls feature should also be protected by end-to-end encryption.

This should ensure that only people in the group can see the vote and the results.

While the feature has been seen on WhatsApp for iOS, it should also come to WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp Desktop at some point.

People who use messaging services like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Threema can now add group polls, making it easier for people to make decisions in groups quickly.

Group polls can also help clear up a group chat and organise responses to questions, like planning a team outing or which venue to choose for an event.

It isn’t clear when the feature will be available to everyone on WhatsApp.

There may be changes to the feature while it is being made before it is released to all users.